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Alby KAL November 15, 2013

Now that it’s what I like to call “gap weather” here in Portland, it’s time to make the neckwear to fill the, you know…

I’ve been busy making a little lace accessory for moi with some of my knitting friends

If you’d like to join us – there’s an Alby KAL going on in the Chic Knits group here

We’re having lots of fun putting together Alby shawls in very pretty color combinations – I’m on my Alby #4. When I first put my colors together, I was going to use some really interesting variegated sock yarn for the body of the shawl (now slated for a slouchy beanie) but as I was knitting my border I noticed a color combo that occured with the lace against the dark indigo jeans I was wearing –

This pinged my memory – I had some left-over yarn from a 2012 beanie project and it would be perfect for a simple but dramatic pairing:

Chic Knits Knit Blog

I love the look of the creamy BARE NAKE WOOL fingering (in Oatmeal) alongside the dark dark navy of the RANCO.

And there’s something about when you hit an exciting ingredient point that spurs the knitting right along and it wasn’t too much later that this happened:

Chic Knits Knit Blog

If I kick it into high gear – I can wear this to Sunday brunch. hmm…

….. get into the fun over here…prizes and more…Alby KAL …..

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The Muse speaks (gauge) April 2, 2013

Every year, it seems, in early winter, I get spring fever.

A little early you might ask?

Perhaps, but this is the time my little knitting Muse begins whispering in my ear and it seems I keep having visions of filigree and eyelets and lovely lace…

Maybe seeing party wear is a trigger. Holiday fashion is more daring, more elegant, more bare…

And I almost always want to make a shawl. And sometimes, I’ve tried.

But it’s been proven over & over in my KIP basket that these lanquish and run out of steam for me.

It seems I prefer something with shoulders – still a cover-up but still slightly sheer and fancy.

Such was the case with BRYNNA.

This would be a piece that would look lovely on most figures over a dress (or top) and be open enough not to be too heavy – a great transitional piece, an easy take-along for travel.

Choosing the yarn for Brynna was a lot of fun!

Chic Knits Brynna

on the top of the mannequin:
Citrine then Turquoise HEMPATHY

from l. to r. clockwise on the body:
Golden Rod MERLIN SPORT; (top) Granite SILKY WOOL; (bottom) Driftwood LINSEY; Curry SERENA; more Turquoise HEMPATHY

For many openwork designs, a range of similar yarns can bridge conventional gauges.

The gauge for this style is 5.5 sts per inch (DK) but some of these yarns are either sport or light worsted.

For this type of fabric in this style, we’re looking for slight drape and openness, with good stitch definition.

The best stitch definition was the LINSEY yarn – but as you can see, it produces a larger swatch, with equal cast on. Very nice body too, would love to find this blend in a DK. (But no worries, it’s now morphed into a different design. Swatches ALWAYS earn their keep here at Studio Chic Knits!)

The HEMPATHY (used in the pattern photos) was wonderful for this design. It is a blend of hemp, cotton, and modal (synthetic) that has all of the characteristics from above, with the addition of a slight sheen that makes it look a little more formal, a little more “dressy”.

Currently, on my needles, is a Brynna wip using the SERENA yarn. It is a blend of baby alpaca and cotton that is lovely! Because of the alpaca’s halo, this sportweight can function as a bridge gauge – that is, instead of 6 sts per inch, it can be knit at 5.5 sts per inch, easily. The cotton gives it the stitch definition, the alpaca gives it body.

So, the bottom line is, start with yarns that have the characteristics described above in the DK range, but if you find a sportweight you love, swatch over the lace pattern to see if it delivers the goods: gauge, hand & body. Double your fun!

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Monday Morning Mirth January 28, 2013

It’s Monday! And it’s time for a little party…

One of our most beloved authors is Jane Austin and one of our very favorite stories is her Pride and Prejudice…

Today is the 200th Anniversary of this incredible novel of high culture meeting modern hearts and here at Studio Chic Knits we Celebrate Romance with a little number named after another of her amazing heroines:
Chic Knits Miss Dashwood

Chic Knits Miss Dashwood

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Pattern: Chic Knits *Miss Dashwood*
Gauge: 20 sts/28 rows over 4″
Needles: #6

This lovely lace shrug is named, but of course, after Elinor Dashwood, who, like many of Austen’s women, embodies someone who is tied to cultural propriety yet in the end, is shaped by the authentic passionate heart.


Happy Anniversary, Miss Austen, and happy knitting! :)

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