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Thursday November 30, 2006 KIPKIPKIP

reality check…


To make sure that little Ariann is coming out to spec, the Blocking Rug makes a guest appearance. I like to use this rug to *hold* pieces for blocking and measuring – pin usage is at a minimum because the rug pile *grips* the knitting. I like to measure my progress at several points to make sure I’m in the ball park. I measured after the ribbing, at the waist point and now, before joining (bottom and upper arm edge).

This yarn is making a really nice fabric – drapey, soft and to gauge [4.75 sts/6 rows or 19/24, using the larger needles]. This should be even better looking after a nice wet blocking.

The body section is gently patted out on the rug then meausred, from side point to side point.


I’m getting a hair over 19″ – am making a 38″ sample, so all is well. The dimensions given for this design are finished measurements – the actual circumference of the lower body piece. I chose a size nearest the dimensions of my favorite fitting sweater – choose up rather than down if close.

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8 responses to “Thursday November 30, 2006 KIPKIPKIP”

  1. Jen says:

    That sounds like it should fit me perfectly, and I love the color, so you can feel free to send it my way when you finish it, thanks ;)

  2. Wanda says:

    The color of your Ariann is just lovely. I’ve seen some of this yarn at one of my LYS and I just loved the yarn, but never imagined a sweater out of it b/c the alpaca is always so warm to me. But in something with a bit of lace, it will give the sweater a bit of airiness. Looking at the shade card on Berocco makes this color look blah, but on my monitor from your site, it’s beauteous. Must search for this in person.

  3. Michelle says:

    Sadly, life got in the way of my KIPping last night…but I still got something done. I just posted photos of my finished Ariann, complete with buttons! :)

  4. Bonne Marie says:

    We missed YOU! Your Ariann is spectacular (and your button choice is beautiful) – I still haven’t gotten to the Button Hut – damn that blizzard…

  5. Carol says:

    Just beautiful! Love the color too. Can’t wait to start mine during the holidays!

  6. Robin says:

    LOVE the color of that Ariann – thanks also for the FAQ email with tips. I definitely can see that wet blocking would bring out the best in this sweater – even my swatch didn’t look that great until I did that with it. (Yeah, I’ve been a slacker – I just connected the pieces after finishing the 2nd sleeve.)

  7. Love the color of that Ariann. What is the name? Looks like heaven. Using a bust to work on is a great idea!

  8. Bonne Marie says:

    The blocking, she is the magic – it’s really tempting when knitting something in one piece to want to wear it right off the needles but ce la vie! Blocking a sweater is always the final step for a picture perfect garment…

    Yarn Info: previous post and sidebar :)

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