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Monday Morning Mirth January 31, 2011

Monday Morning Mirth

Running out the door but we would like to leave you with a little fibery humor…

A piece of yarn walks into a bar and orders a beer, but the bartender snarls, “We don’t serve your kind here!”.

The yarn is forced to leave. While sitting on the curb feeling sorry for himself, the yarn is suddenly hit with a brilliant idea.

Working quickly, he ties himself into a knot and unravels his ends. Taking a deep breath, the yarn marches back into the bar and orders a beer.

“Hey!” says the bartender. “Ain’t you that piece of yarn I just threw outta here?””Nope,” replies the yarn, “I’m a frayed knot.”

Leave groans and more jokes below…

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5 responses to “Monday Morning Mirth January 31, 2011”

  1. CindyCindy says:


  2. Lorette says:

    Har har! That one’s so goofy it’s funny. The only knitting jokes I know are the one about the cop telling the blonde to “pullover”, and the knitting an afghan joke. I hope the rest of your readers add something a little more original.

  3. Lori on Little Traverse Bay says:

    I must be sheltered, because I don’t know any knitting jokes… That was a great groaner!

    P.S.—I saw one of our middle-schoolers knitting one of your patterns yesterday! Maybe the Cassidy hoodie?! I told her about your blog.

  4. Kathy says:

    Good joke! Thanks for the chuckle.

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