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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

PomPom and Circumstance


the wonderful Imbrium
writes: " I’m gonna have to say go with the pompom. Maybe two. Like little fluffy ears. :D"




So I grabbed the nearest book that looked like the right size and wrapped it up real good!

THAT’s how I made pompoms as a kiddie. That’s how I remember the joy…

So how come my PomPom looks like a limp little sea creature beached on the sand?


Talks to Self: Because when you were a child, your pompoms were not aspiring to be ginourmous globes but tiny little dingle balls, perfect for tiny little hands. Time to run for help!

Time to make the Donuts! Following the directions here I traced a canister of Christmas Cookies and cut out 2 circles. Then I cut out circles in the middle and wrapped them in yarn until, as directed, the center of the circle was *FULL*.



Now the fun with scissors begins…

Using the very sharpest of instruments (NO RUNNING!) I cut the 2 disks apart, then trimmed the edges



And here is where the leap of faith is required – you have to run a length of yarn between the disks, tighten ’til your face turns blue and knot. Lucklily, coming right after a Christmas present wrapping marathon, this was easier than I thought.

After that, you fluff it up with your hands and consider its fate: more trimming? more teasing? more wine?

My pompom was WAY too big so I went for more trimming and flattened it AGAIN with a plate (I’d already destroyed my donuts) then trimmed all around the plate edge.






But HEY! Isn’t there some kind of law that requires the Hat Trim to weigh ALOT less than the hat itself? This baby was so heavy (35g) it required a Hard Hat as it’s base to not only support its weight but protect the wearer’s Head…

Say Hello to my new 2006 PAPERWEIGHT!



Pam writes: “No pompom — tassel or weird I cord things or braids, yes.”

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7 responses to “Tuesday, December 27, 2005”

  1. Marnie says:

    That is one darn great looking pom-pom. I love that the yarn is all thick and thin and different colors. I think you’re big problem is not the scaffolding you’ll need to support it but the fact that everyone is going to want to touch it.

  2. Imbrium says:

    Well…it was a good thought…right?

    I think your ginormous pompom is cute! Even if the hat for which it was intended does not have the structural integrity to support it, surely you can do something with it! You can send it to me…I’ll make a hat just for it!

  3. Karen B. says:

    Hmmm. When I was little, I made my pompoms by wrapping the yarn around the fingers of my left hand. I still do it that way and it works!

  4. Bonne Marie says:

    OMG – Im – it’s YOURS!

    And Karen – soon you will teach me the secrets of the finger pompoms – I see it in my Chicago crystal ball…

    Sounds like a neat party ice-breaker as well :P
    (as in …”Hey, wanna see my pompoms???”)

  5. Leah says:

    Love the Pompom! But I guess I missed the hat it was intended for? Anyway, it would be a shame not to wear that beauty. Truly.

  6. Les says:

    What cha gotta do when using cardboard disks is use a piece of yarn about a foot long and lay it in a circle between the discs with the tails hanging out one side of the discs and then do your winding of the yarns through the discs. No hassle afterwards of trying to thread that tie off yarn in between the discs at the end! much easier, eh! You won’t be able to stop making them!

  7. Bonne Marie says:

    Les – that is the most ROCKIN’ tip ever! It makes so much sense to put that tie in the middle BEFORE the donuts are wrapped.

    OH stop me before I POM again…

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