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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Look out Below: Holiday Avalanche!


If one is not careful, one could just be buried
neck-deep right about now with food, cooking, shopping, wrapping,
coiffing, quaffing, KNITTING?

There you go – ya just need ONE to escape the Others…

My GreatGetaway Knitting continues to be the Rebecca Chinese top! So far, I’ve seamed the shoulders and sides (went rather easily and quickly using the ribbon yarn and mattress stitch – I am SHOCKED!). Then it was Pay-Off Time.

Now usually they say this can be a M…, well you know, but really, it wasn’t all that bad ONCE I just surrendered. Ribbon is just STRING after all and behaves rather remarkably like yarn, if you squint your eyes and pretend a little. I used a crochet hook and picked up stitches all around the bottom as instructed by the pattern then plopped them on the Bamboo needles I knit the body with. Edging: Done. CAKE WALK…

NOW I once again march up to the Maze of Choices of My Own Making and stall…

Awhile back, I bought a little golden frog closure to hook the keyhole shut. It doesn’t really match the color of the trim and really, I thought it looked a tad Frederick’s of Hollywood.

Generally, that would be a good thing for me (my DNA requires me to be 10% overdressed/undressed at all times) but in this case, it was verging on, oh about 25% tack-i-fonic.

OUT came the brooches!


Ooh my, will it be Bakelite? Shell? Paste? Rhinestone? Hey, why do they call it rhinestone anyway?

As if I’m not spinning like a Top with all the Holidaze Excitement already, I must twirl myself some more…

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15 responses to “Thursday, December 22, 2005”

  1. Gina says:

    I like that DNA that requires some degree of overdressing, and I’m impressed that you manage it in Chicago in the winter! Good for you! I vote for the golden frogs (are those what the Asian-inspired knotted closures are called?) for that luscious top.

  2. Miriam says:

    I like the Rhinestone one just below the frog closure. I think that would look GREAT!

  3. Mary Collins says:

    I looove your bakelite brooch, but it isn’t fussy enough for that top (I can’t believe I just said something wasn’t fussy enough! Perhaps I mean glitzy. I think I do…I need more coffee…) The frogs really suit the top, but that whole not-matching thing would be a bit much. What about black frogs? (a new breed?) Merry Christmas!!

  4. Mary Collins says:

    How about a crocheted button and loop out of the border yarn – not unlike the one that you made for Sheila?

  5. rachelkates says:

    Smashing! Thanks for letting us in on the fun. What about making your own frog closure out of i-corded ribbon yarn?

  6. Rosemary says:

    I love the one below the frog closure and the one in the bottom right. SO PRETTY!

  7. Carrie says:

    I like the idea of making a custom frog out of the trim yarn. That frog is gorgeous, and would be just the right touch, if it were the right color. What a beautiful top. And here I was wondering if jeans and a red t-shirt were going to get me through Aunt H’s Christmas Eve party… (next year, dragon top with frog closure…)

  8. Imbrium says:


    From Wikipedia: “A rhinestone is an imitation diamond made from rock crystal, glass or acrylic. Originally, rhinestones were rock crystals gathered from the river Rhine, but their availability was greatly increased when the Alsatian jeweller George Frederic Strass had the idea to coat the lower side of glass with metal powder around 1775, imitating diamonds. Hence, rhinestones are called Strass in the German language.”

    Mmm…it’s good to be an etymology geek.

  9. Sil says:

    I’ve always loved that Rebecca sweater and it will look smashing on you! Is it way to open to forget a closure alltogether? How about a funky necklace instead. If it is too Pam Anderson without a closure, you have an impressive selection of brooches. I guess you could also find one perfect glam button and make a loop button too. Ooh so exciting.

  10. Michelle says:

    I’d be curious to see if the round one in the middle works with the color of the top. If not, I second the suggestion of a black frog closure.

    Beautiful top!

  11. Marg says:

    Hmmm…decisions, decisions! I like either one of the glitzy rhinestone ones…!

  12. Martha (another one) says:

    Well, whichever brooche you decide on, you can stash another one or two in your pocket in case you change your mind:)

  13. margene says:

    A very Merry Christmas to you Bonne Marie! You’ve made my knitting this year much better and more fashionable, too! My next year be a fabulous year for you!!

  14. Emma says:

    Season’s Greetings !

  15. Aud says:


    “Imbrium” and Wikipedia informed you about the Rhinstone but I can send you greetings from the river Rhein. Also not bad, or!
    Nice evening to you from Cologne


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