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It’s a little too chilly Tuesday September 29, 2009

Please! Don’t make me turn on the furnace! It’s still September!!!

This morning I am wrapped in my fuzzy-wuzzy bathrobe drinking hot tea like there is no tomorrow. I will not capitulate! I will not surrender, even though I have goose bumps and my nose is FREEZING.

Time to really get going on some wooly knitting, eh?

I’ve actually had to go to the frog pond with my wooly WIP this weekend — started a cool YANK from some Rowan Aran Tweed, but alas, the ball-band lied. Could not get gauge and had to rippit.

So meanwhile, I’m still working on my Cotton Ease (taupe) Twist:


So far, two sleeves, Left Front, and Back ribbing, all done!

I’m at the point where I can start cabling, my very favorite thing to do, on the Back section and it should go much faster from here on out. I always get a little stalled on edge ribbing and save it for some interesting TV where not much attention has to be paid.

Fab TV-to-Knit-By: ABC’s Castle! Not a lot of brain cells need to be fully engaged to get it and there’s some manly eye-candy for you: Nathan Fillion (who btw, played Joey Buchanan on “One Life to Live” awhile back. I was trying to figure out just where I’d seen him before!!)

YO, Joey. How YOU doin’ ? Lookin’ good ;p

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3 responses to “It’s a little too chilly Tuesday September 29, 2009”

  1. lisa says:

    Total agreement with Castle being fab TV-to-Knit-By! I’ve been watching from the first episode and I, too, love the eye-candy. Here in Virginia the weather is starting to cool also and I’ve been thinking wool as well. Have the Mondo Cable Cardy in progress so that will be finished soon. Can’t wait to see your latest Twist version.

  2. Renee says:

    It’s ccccold here too. I’ve been eyeing the woodstove and think we’ll have our first fire in it tonight. My nose is chilled too.

    Great looking Twist sleeves!

  3. Seanna Lea says:

    I don’t watch One Life to Live, so my images of Nathan Fillion all come from Firefly or Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. So fun!

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