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Thursday, May 28, 2009



 busshelter1_0089busshelter3_0088More pictures for the “On My Commute Today” group on flickr. The walk from the studio to the parking garage is chock full of people and buildings and light. This is a bus shelter on State St with a plexiglass case in one of the side ends of the structure and it holds a suspended 3 foot long metal screw.

We’ve seen this before on Chic Knits (click on pix at right), when a store hung a cool poncho in the case to tempt me on my way to work. The above is, I think, an ad for a comm service of some kind, encouraging us to get un-screwed, supposedly by using their service? Alrighty. The only way I’d feel unscrewed is if it was free and they gave me an iPhone.


You can see why they put the ad where they did because State St. is one of the most crowded streets of all in the city and wherever there’s people, there’s people on their cell phones. I especially like the power walkers who don’t miss a beat (or word) while moving about. Here’s a guy going into the Red Line subway without losing his connection to his peeps. Personally, I thinks its freaky (and a little rude) to talk on a cell on the train (raise your hand if you’ve “witnessed” a breakup!), so you’ll see me with my BBerry in hand playing Scrabble instead, yes, sometimes walking.


Here’s a lovely rack of bikes for the greener amongst us who pedal to work, even at night (this is around 11 pm). Maybe it’s theater goers, but I doubt it. We’re not that green here in Chicago.


More interesting to me than the front of the Chicago Theater Building is its side, seen here from where I parked my car, Level 4, Fashion (don’t you love how they name the levels so you can remember where the hell you left it). I usually park on Fashion or Accessories, (Level 2).


This shot tickled me the most, so I blended the layers of it a little to make a poster. I think this would look great in my kitchen.

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5 responses to “Thursday, May 28, 2009”

  1. meg says:

    Love your pictures. The only thing I’ve seen more odd than a nicely dressed man talking to himself (seemingly – that was the earliest days of bluetooth & I didn’t know what was up with that) was some dude happily walking an Ann Arbor sidewalk “singing” at the top of his voice. I think a little more self-consciousness is a good thing. Maybe there’s an idea for a new reality show — the crazy things people do in public.

  2. Barbara-Kay says:

    The parking levels names remind me of the elevator operator in the department store when I was a child. “Third floor, childrens wear”.

  3. tina says:

    I love the Chicago Theater pix…an awesome poster. I was reminded of Mia Farrow in Radio Days…”Say, anybody ever seen the roof of this place? Cigar? Cigarette?…” I wish I could just dive into that movie and never leave…

  4. Seanna Lea says:

    I was about to say that I didn’t think it matters what people do on public transit, but I realized that didn’t really get across what I mean. So many people on the train believe (or act like they believe) that what they do there doesn’t matter. There is that quasi-anonymity of being a stranger that make people feel like they have the license to be rude, loud, etc. Breaking up with someone on the train is one of the milder things I’ve seen with people’s conversations about drug rehab or their medical issues being also pretty high on the list.

  5. Bonne Marie says:

    I know! It’s like the rest of us just are invisible and not able to listen to Their Drama.

    It’s especially annoying when its SRO (which is almost always) and they’re actually shouting right in YOUR face. No place to hide…

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