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a day in the woods October 19, 2012

This time of the year is so wonderful here in the woods…

The trees are painted with color and there’s been a nip in the air (and a little rain).

My BKFF (best knitting friend forever), Eden, from Chicago, came out to the lil’ log cabin for a visit this week.

I could not resist all the farmer’s market veggies that were about and made us a pizza for lunch.

They were oven roasted (450 / drizzle with olive oil / check every 5 min) before I went to pick E up from the train.

When we got back, I rubbed a pre-made crust (Artisan, thin) with some olive oil to crisp it up a bit and turned the oven back on.

OOPS! Forgot to take the roasted veggies out but something wonderful happened during the pre-heating – they blackened around the edges and carmelized WOW – zucchini and wonderfully colored peppers – yum!

Then, the crust was baked for <10 min and treated to a few spoonfuls of regular red pasta sauce. Then on went the roasters:

While they had been roasting, I’d sauteed a bunch of sliced mushrooms and these were along with sliced black olives and a dusting of cheese (mixed Italian?! from AL’s) joined in the mix.

Now, another turn in the oven and VOILA (& I almost had it all eaten before I remembered to take this)

Fortified, we went out for a walk to the lake and saw these lovelies coming down the creek.

There were five altogether – including a “teen-age” male that had the start of some antlers that looked like furry pompoms on his head.

Even though this looks like it could be Florida (that’s golden rod in there!) this is actually Lake Michigan (as seen by my iphone) which is about a third of a mile from the cabin. When the wind whipped up and the sky darkened the water to navy on the horizon, we remembere: the cabin was waiting in the wood, warm…

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5 responses to “a day in the woods October 19, 2012”

  1. Rose says:

    What gorgeous photos! The pizza looked and sounded delicious, thanks for sharing.

  2. Sarah says:

    I love when accidents in cooking wind up to be awesome tastiness. Too bad they’re difficult to replicate! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Bonne Marie says:

    I know!
    I think I’m going to try and replicate this one though.

    Shouldn’t be too hard. Just “forget” they’re in the oven for a little longer. :)

  4. Seanna Lea says:

    That sounds idyllic. This is the season that I want to bake all the things. Pizza is always a good option, though I gravitate more towards cookies.

  5. Citysister says:

    I love homemade pizza…you get any topping you want in whatever combo! We are overwhelmed with deer here…I saw about 15 on my home last night alone. I love the pom pom fuzz antlers they are cute!

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