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Suffragette City Part Three February 3, 2012

In this French city (unknown) above, again we view the Modern combined with the Past. Our Lady of the Early 20th stands in front of a much older skyline that belongs to an different era – more Fantine, less Lady Sybil.

Chic Knits Knitting BlogWhich is one of the things I love about Fashion: its ability to move fast and yet be a cultural thermometer, standing on the timeline of all…

SO easy to change out of the bustle, the corset, the shawl and move into the freedom of the shift, the scarf, the sweater…

All decorated, all embelished in a most, to our eye, busy, still ornate way, so characteristic of late Edwardian fashion…

The dress on the left is from a 90 year old magazine I found at a flea market: the summer McCall Embroidery Book (click pic for bigger pic). The hemlines are going higher but the lovely detailing of the past remains in this Knitted Wool Dress pattern ($.25).

The book is filled with lots of looks – some patterns included, some like this one that you would receive by mail or in a local department store. Most of the patterns came in one size (36) and have a paucity of detail compared to those of the 21st.

Especially interesting to me was the inclusion of many sweaters.

Sweaters with square necklines, batwing sleeves, mostly belted (loosely) or with some type of midriff detailing…

The garment in the middle of the picture is a Pullover – long and tunic-like – worn over a silk slip.

Chic Knits Knitting Blob

On the left is a lovely crocheted pullover with very interesting stitch detailing…

I’m fascinated by this as well:

Not only is this a charming little girl’s knitted dress, a darling Little Kitty is in the picture, and, just like today, enthralled with the yarn. Methinks the ‘lil cat is included in this sample as an eary SQUEEE factor to hook you into the *get it* now of everything on that page!

Gone (although I’m sure still being worn) are Shawls. In their place: scarves & hats galore! The prequel to Vamp was all about the accessories…

I’m thinking you could wear this one today, February 3, 2012.

These: not so much but

still they have a contemporary feel, and I especially like the belted stole. Not really sure what those aprony-like collar combinations are for (utility? decoration?) but then again Les Hommes were wearing disposable collars like mad back in that day.

If one had less wardrobe, one could freshen it with some layering!

But the most interesting to me, having just released a shaped headband pattern, is the Embroidered Headbands that were surely the after-dark, dinner-set don’t leave home without it must. Lady Sybil was certainly emboldened by her Paul Poiret-inspired outfit!

I bid you TGIF! (Wear a headband this weekend and REBEL!)

>>> the winner of the Sweet Shawlette book: the lovely Patty D — a big thank you to everyone! We’ll post about the beauty and fun of little projects in the near future… <<< …all in the series:
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4 responses to “Suffragette City Part Three February 3, 2012”

  1. Jean Moss says:

    Fantastic images, so inspiring – love them!

  2. Joni says:

    Just adore the old books. Have a collection of vintage knitting pattern books, only trick is to locate the yard that fits what was intended for the original project, sometimes back in the thirties and forties! A challange but worthwhile none the less :}

  3. Sunshine says:

    Thank you for the posts! I adore old fashion mags.

    I think the aprony-collar things are a type of false collar to be worn under sweaters or similar. A fashionable layering effect without the bulk!

  4. Patty says:

    Bonne Marie! It’s me! How exciting. Thanks for the opportunity and thanks for all the fun you bring our way! ;-)

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