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WELCOME Sweater Weather!

Chic Knits PNW #1
                                                        …Chugach National Forest near Eyak Lake, Alaska

Now that it’s officially FALL there’s nothing better than snuggling into a cushy, friendly cardi and going for a hike!

Looks like a lot of you feel the same – thanks for the great feedback on this design! I have two personal ones that I made (am having my morning coffee wearing one, in fact, while I write this).

I sent out a bonus update last week with a Pocket Mod so if you like, you can make a plain stockinette version with some hand warming action for when you run out
to walk the dog…

Pacific Northwest Number One – or PNW #1 – has a gauge of 4 sts / 1″
so it knits up fast…

Here’s some Yarn Subs – maybe a stash dive is in your future?

Bartlett Yarns 2-ply
Briggs & Little Heritage
Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted
Cascade Eco Wool & Eco +
Cestari 2-Ply
Imperial Yarn Columbia
Istex Lett-Lopi
Quince & Co. Osprey
Rowan Scottish Tweed Aran
Valley Yarns Berkshire
––– OR –––
be on the lookout at your favorite Fiber Fest for some home-grown yarnie goodness (OFFF? Rhinebeck?)
… lots of small producer yarns are perfect for this design …

to get the PNW #1 pattern (and more details) > Click Here

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Pacific Northwest Number One

Chic Knits PNW #1
This summer I was up in Cordova, Alaska, teaching at a wonderful
retreat at the NetLoft.

I brought a few(!) sweaters with me – knowing it would be chilly at times, even in June – it’s right at the foot of the glacial rain forest. And what were
the ones I wore the most?

My PNW #1 cardigans!

At the end of the week, my friends and I hiked out near Eyak Lake and took some special shots of the oatmeal color one – I wish I could take you there! It was almost overwhelmingly beautiful – I was afraid none of my pictures would be in focus I was so in awe of the rocks and sweet waterfalls…

The inspiring Coastal knitting tradition is reflected in the shape of this cardigan and its raised stitch motif on front and back – or it can be made plain for a
really bread & butter wearable staple…

Pacific Northwest Number One – or PNW #1 – is knit with heavy worsted wool with a shaped shawl collar is really just comfy cozy…

And stylish! I wore them with all sorts of outfits: jeans & tees; skirts and blouses and even this one over a navy knit lace dress for a special Friday night.

Chic Knits PNW #1

>>> for all the making details and more pictures > click here <

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the Denim Saga [part 6] – the Final Rose – After Shrinking Denim Yarn

After waiting for all the yarnie planets to align (and chores and whatnot finished), I’ve taken that Great Leap of Faith and SHRUNK my Cerisara indigo Den-M-Nit cardi…

The result?


in Yarnville today!

I have to admit, even after my great swatch experiment, I was Nervous! Knitting this cardi didn’t take longer and it wasn’t any more difficult than anything I’ve made before but just the thought of all those hours going Down the Drain, so to speak, if it went south at the very end, made me drag my feet.

But this week was not the week to be weak, and into the hot, hot sudsy water she bravely went (with two thick towels for moral support)!

After a nice spin in the dryer, checking every few minutes just like I’d do if I was felting wool, I removed the sweater when it was almost dry. (The body of the sweater was dry to the touch but the sleeves were the tiniest bit damp at the cuffs.)

I patted it out flat on a table and measured and VOILA! It came out as Planned!

Talk about happy dancing like nobody’s watching – well – you had to see it to believe it!

Chic Knits Den-M-Nit Cerisara

The fabric was crisp, textured, and a lovely bright navy hue:

Chic Knits Knitting Blog

Most satisfying of all? My original dream that this design would work well with the indigo yarn came true!

Cerisara Knit Lace Cardigan

All the areas and details performed in a most lovely way: the lace patterning had lovely “polished-to-white” highlights and the reverse Stockinette stitch made a soft textured field of slightly variegated color.

All in all a most happy knit!


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HAPPY KNITTING (and shrinking)!!!

…here’s all the articles I’ve written on knitting with Den-M-Nit indigo denim cotton yarn…

The Denim Saga
[part 1] – About that Yarn
[part 2] – The Sweater Awakens
[part 3] – Knitting with Indigo Denim Yarn
[part 4] – Picking Up Stitches using Denim Yarn
[part 5] – Real-time Shrinkage in Denim Yarn
[part 6] – the Final Rose – After Shrinking Denim Yarn

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