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a year of making 2014

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As 2014 draws to a close, one thing was very clear here at Studio Chic: it was the Year of the Sweater!

Now I’ll be the first to admit my love of cardigans exceeds all others and in 2014, once again I could not resist the muse.

Chic Knits Tauriel Knitting Pattern

WINTER STORY 2014: following a slight obsession with one JRR Tolkien and a little movie called The HOBBIT, came a homage to the new elf on the block: one TAURIEL

Since I’ve lived in the Pacific NW, it’s been easy to be more and more drawn to its majestic forestry (and everything outdoors). Thus, my take on a woods-woman’s jacket was born.

From its relaxed, long, side-to-side construction to its subtle celtic cabling, this style tickled my design fancy while trying out some new moves.

Goal: top-down modular styling with no finishing at all except for weaving in some ends (and sewing on a toggly button).

I’ve been living in this sweater – it is comforting with a capital C = Big Fluffy yarn in a relaxed modern shape! :)

Chic Knits Abria Knitting PatternSPRING STORY 2014: as days grew longer and clothing grew lighter, it was time to explore some new fiber combinations and continue evolving the modular muse that was filling up my thoughts.

In mind? A more gossamer fabric with a more elegant shape: and thus came to be ABRIA

This was the one for all of us needing that last missing link to finish a strapless ensemble or even wonderful mom-to-be-dressing!

I had in mind an elegant, open, upswept front treatment – which came into play with the use of strategically placed short-rows. Let me say, if you’ve never had fun with this technique, Try It! Make a cap or scarf to see how easy it is and then come back and play. Short rowing creates a dynamic shape in a fabric in a way an ordinary boring rectangle can never approach.

spacerChic Knits Edin Knitting Pattern
FALL STORY 2014: and that brings us to that season that’s the most wonderful of all!

And here happened something that I didn’t expect – I was ready to step away from my obvious infatuation with the color Oatmeal and jump into the excitement of beautiful blue… (So in love with this tone, I’ve made a cap and currently have a long-long brioche scarf and another sweater on the needles!)

EDIN an aran-weight trapeze-shaped cardigan, continues the elegant modular construction that I’ve been experimenting with all year and combines it with my favorite compound raglan shaping (look close and you can see the “S” in the raglan lines). And again, there’s virtually no finishing – once you’re done, you’re done after a few passes with the weaving-in needle.

The neckband features an eyelet stitch pattern that forms a lacy faux cable effect – ornamental but not bulky – just enough to make it agreeable for pretty office wear, but in a shape that’s also flattering to all of us… And now that I’ve sampled COLOR I want one in the rainbow. How about a sexy deep scarlet or a happy sunny yellow?

What’s next on the needles here in the Studio? Here in Portland, we’re having a little deep-freeze going on and I feel the need for a large wrap-able accessory to mind the gap…

THANK YOU for joining me in all this year’s explorations – one of the best yet!

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December 24, 2014

Chic Knits Knit Blog

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welcome back

As many of you noticed, somebody’s been away from their desk for a little bit! :)

For the past few weeks, I’ve been busy moving Studio Chic to a new location in NE Portland! Chic Knits (and me!) are now peacefully, productively enjoying being settled into a quaint, OLD (heh, drafty, 100 year old) bungalow under the pines. Things have been in a tizzy as the painting, cleaning, flooring, and unpacking have unfolded.

But of course, it’s taken a lot longer than I’d anticipated and today, I’m happy to say this:

VOILA! Here’s my “new” workspace! It’s in the back of the building with a ton of windows so the light, for the photog in me, is so very exciting! I can’t wait to dress the mannies and start taking some new shots of budding projects!

Studio Chic Portland Oregon

Meanwhile, something many of you have asked for has started to gel together: a gathering of complimentary patterns that have been released by Chic Knits over the years.

It’s hard to believe that I started this blog in December of 2001 – and have grown and grown over the past decade+ in a way I never imagined!

So, in addition to a facelift of the entire site (to make it streamlined, crisp and fast) you’ll find this new page: FREE.

The patterns are collected from blog posts and articles and indie release; now they all have a unified legible look. I had a good giggle looking at some of the earlier images but have maintained them for continuity and archival interest. Please visit and explore!

Here’s one of the most popular, simple looks I first published:
Chic Cable Headband Free Knitting Pattern

Chic Cable Headband

I actually wear this All the Time here in damp rainy Portland – and am busy putting together stash remnants (it only takes about 160 yards) to Make More.

Stay tuned for more fun – over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be refreshing the Tips page in the same way. In fact, I will be digging through the thirteen years of posts and compiling the Best Of’s in the new clean interface.

Be sure to sign up for the Chic Knits Newsletter here for up-to-date notices and fun specials.

THANK YOU so much for visiting and using the Chic Knits site over the years – I hope you enjoy this new look! :)

Bonne Marie
Bonne Marie Burns of Studio Chic Knits Portland Oregon

knitting patterns

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