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today in Portland June 25, 2013

Chic Knits Brynna


One of my very favorite things to do since I moved to the Rose City is to explore all of its open markets.

There’s the one down by the river on Saturdays – a big ole flashback of the funnest sort – where I had no trouble getting my hippy on.

Next, I found the Farmer’s Market down by PSU, and after I fortified myself with what might’ve been the most delicious piece of coconut cream pie (Lauretta Jean’s) ever, I wandered the many stalls and loaded up my canvas bag full of all sorts off-the-bush-vine-oven goodies…

On a recent sunny Sunday, while looking for a new place to live, I wandered into the Montavilla Farmer’s Market, slightly NE of my precious Mt. Tabor.

Every week, the weather gets warmer and warmer here and I’ve been gravitating out of jeans and into dresses. Even when it’s cooler here, you see skirts and dresses with dancer’s leggings, flats or short boots.

Sort of like this:

Chic Knits Brynna


And even when it’s warmer, there is still the drifty temps under the trees or when the sun disappears as the clouds drift and sway.

That’s how BRYNNA came to be — I craved a little bit of layering — just the right amount of HUG to keep it all cozy…(for those times when you just might drift into Bipartisan Cafe and get some of the most ridiculously delicious strawberry-rhubarb pie a la mode you’ve ever tasted…brrr)

knitting patterns

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Monday Morning Mirth June 23, 2013

Monday Morning Mirth

This weekend I had a great time washing (and mending) a big batch o’dirty socks!

Sure wish I had one of these (great for those little knitting snafu’s too)!

Chic Knits Knitting Blog
…April Fool’s Joke Life Magazine 1938

I did find this in my living room window – think it can be trained? (such beautiful spinning)!

knitting patterns

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we got cabin fever June 19, 2013

today in Portland we got tired of waiting for the 1st day of Summer so we jumped into some fresh fresh sock knitting

Chic Knits Knitting Blog

If I had the elusive druthers, all I would ever knit is socks. That’s right.

And most likely, Stockinette socks!

Just go round and round and round – it’s so soothing…

(and right joyful to look at when the colors are so lovely together!)

This is some yarn found at the last Renegade Fair I went to in Chicago from TravelingRhinos in a fun colorway called ORCA.

knitting patterns

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