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Thursday May 30, 1023

Today in Portland: for those of you who asked about where the BRYNNA photoshoot was – we went about a mile away from our new PDX neighborhood to a place called Laurelhurst Park.

It is a smallish park right in the middle of the SE side and has a little waterway right in the middle – Firwood Lake!

“In 1919, the Pacific Coast Parks Association named Laurelhurst Park the “most beautiful park” on the West Coast, and in February 2001 it was the first city park ever to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places.”

Chic Knits Brynna Lace Cardigan

And it is really awesome – couldn’t help but climb some of the Jurassic-sized trees – both of us were several feet off the ground for this shot — yikes!

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May 21, 2013

today in Portland: lovely Lupines, corsage of ET

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Monday Morning Mirth May 20, 2013

Monday Morning Mirth

Chic Knits Make It Wear It Love it

London scientist discovers 505-million-year-old arthropod fossil and christens it after one of his favorite folk: meet Kooteninchela deppi.

We adore le Depp and his ‘chela’ (Latin for claws or scissors) but always imagine the scissors replaced by needles making him a lean mean knitting machine…

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