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Monday Morning Mirth March 19, 2012

Monday Morning Mirth

Dad gets an iPad

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Springing Forward March 14, 2012

The wonderfully balmy weather is pulling me along in a lovely way as I wrap up a new design…

The samples are getting very close to the finish line – and I just can’t seem to knit fast enough to match my excitement!

By the time a project gets to this point, it’s one of those tip-O-the-iceberg kind of situations.

Even though there might not be much showing, the back story of the piece is chapters long; many hours, even many false starts, swatches, re-swathing, and drawing.

But as soon as it goes on the needle, that original sketch starts to breathe. It gets filled with dimensions, arrows, notations and it speaks.

This is maybe my favorite moment in the design process.

It becomes what they call in physics a transducer: something that converts one form of energy to another.

The animation in this timeline is to me wondrous: that something that starts out as a vaporous idea progresses into a 2D form on paper then JUMPS into organic being on the needle, in the making.

Pardon my geek:

Interestingly enough, like many current indie desingers, I have a scientific background and these kind of things really get me going! I degreed in Electrical Engineering and spent many an hour with a wandering, wondering brain, learning to understand the progression of processes, perspective drawings, formulas, all in an attempt to try and learn to See the Object before the object completed the circuit from the brain to the world.

So by the time I actually have a 3D thing in hand, I get the urge to accelerate and as the most geekiest of all speak: Make It SO…

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Monday Morning Mirth March 12, 2012

Monday Morning Mirth

Now, from time to time, I like to wear me some high heels, but this takes the cake, or should I say skein?
From simpler days, shepards wearing jaunty hats & stilts tended the sheep while knitting socks…

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