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Monday Morning Mirth February 27, 2012

Monday Morning Mirth

In leiu of the usual post-Oscar wardrobe breakdown, this year I found something that was actually more Useful for the 99%’s…

I freely admit: I am fan; have read all of the tomes, even The Short Second Life of B…

And while it was not present last night at the dance, (but ’twas nominated in the film category at the Razzies), The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1, (indeed, all the editions thus far), had something happening that totally astonished me.

Spoiled as I am by the likes of Streep/Iron Lady’s Roy Helland or LOTR’s Gino Acevedo, the Twi’s rainy-day makeup palette and hair was more huh? than something wicked this way comes…

And now, you can have it too!

I found the Grooming Kiosk you see above at my local BBuy: hair dryers, hot rollers (Easily creates Rosalie’s voluminous, loose curls in seconds!), styling irons, etc etc etc!

All that was missing was the wigs…

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TGIF February 25, 2012

Chic Knits Knitting Blog

If you are at long/lat: 41º 88′ N, 87º 63′ W today, you might be enjoying something that’s being labelled a Saskatchewan Screamer.

No. It is not a ride at Great America. It isn’t even very daunting conditions for We, Heroes of The North (WINTER IS COMING!) who are rather blase about thug weather at any time of the year.

To us, it is S.N.O.W.

Like this (yawn):

Chic Knits Knitting Blog

But indeed, it’s a little sloppy, sleety and slippery and it’s still cold (34°) so we are going to hunker down today and get some fierce knitting done!

Here at Studio Chic, we draw on the wisdom of the urban forest creatures such as the mighty Squirrel, whose philophy is stuffing something away for a craptastic day.

The twin adjuct to this idea is taking the time you’re forced to be indoors as an opportunity to learn something.

So, we thought you’d like to play along…

Here we have a batch of books for you, not only you, but you and some knitting friends (spread the word)…

They are from Nicky Epstein (via Soho Publishing) and are an indespensible addition to your creative library: Knitting on the Edge & Knitting Beyond the Edge (in hardback & paperback editions).

Chic Knits Knitting Blog

TGIF Review: In every life some rain must fall and whether its bad weather or a misbehaving pattern, there is nothing like a back-up plan. Solution? Reference Books.
There’s lot’s and lot’s of ideas and options here – when I first saw these, there was an ooohAAh factor born of knowing:
a. I’d have never thought of it myself
b. I’d have never figured out how to do it myself.
In the pages: Ribs, ruffles, lace, fringes, flora, points, picots, cuffs, collars necklines, corners, edges & closures.
In a word: EMBELISHED with no fuss & no fear!

SO, in the spirit of giving you the proverbial Fishing Reel and inviting you to eat forever, leave a comment below telling us your favorite edge finish or knitted bling…

Four folks (1 – book/ 1 – person per draw) will be randomly drawn next TGIF and invited to get busy!


The winner of the PRINCIPLES OF KNITTING from TGIF February 17, 2012 is Liz M, the 123rd commenter!!

She writes: “I would like to improve a lot of techniques,like buttonholes and spacing, make one stitches without getting a hole, sleeve caps, the list goes on and on…”

Thanks to everyone for sharing your knitting with the rest of us!


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Suffragette City Part Five February 23, 2012

Being ever so misty-eyed that Season 2 of Downton Abbey has wrapped here in the States doesn’t mean the story has ended but just a different king of chapter continues.

The Knitwear.

Knitwear from almost 100 years ago.

Chic Knits Knitting Blog

This collection is amazing for a couple of reasons – yes, the variety and exciting modern-looking constructions but also in the fast-forward way the evolution of the clothing matched the evolution of the culture…

Women were just being more Public.

They were going Outdoors more than ever before. They were playing Sports. The popularity of tennis & golf gave rise to the need for some mobility garments, stat.

And now, sweaters and jackets appeared for women that allowed them the same range of movement that their brother golfers and swingers were enjoying.

No more Mutton Sleeves; begone Bustles, farewell hemlines that dragged in the dirt.

Hello Norfolk-style sweaters and ankles!

Now, if you’ve seen any fox hunts on film, chances are you’ll recognize the Norfolk. “It was originally designed as a shooting coat that did not bind when the elbow was raised to fire.”

Range of Motion. Mobility. Action.

From 1917:

Chic Knits Knitting Blog

And something else happened that was very exciting: fashion equity.

Just like in the culture-at-large, the knitwear the Upstairs was wearing appeared Downstairs as well, almost to a T. You could make it…

 Or, from the Spokesman Review, July 29, 1912 (!), you could buy it (here at the Kemp & Herbert Dept. Store, Spokeane, WA):

Here was the birth of Casual, where formality melded most neatly into Comfort, without losing style…

And this is what I find the very most exciting about clothing from this time: women moved away from being rather strictly ornamental to being At Large.

A small step, but, indeed, the journey begins…

Cheers & see you in Season 3?

…all in the series:
– Suffragette City Part 1
– Suffragette City Part 2
– Suffragette City Part 3
– Suffragette City Part 4
– Suffragette City Part 5
– Suffragette City Part 6

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