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New Threads Tuesday December 28, 2011

One of the funnest things about the week between New Year’s and Christmas is that many people are taking a break from the daily grind.

Lots of folks are out and about in my neighborhood and that means one thing: VACATION!

And what do you do on vacation? Eat, drink & be merry (hey! that sounds like the Holidays, for sure!)

So I’m off today to have lunch with my friend Carolyn – the plan is to imbibe some ferocious BBQ at Lillie’s Q up on North Ave. in Wicker Park.

It’s a lovely day here in Chicago, even with the chilly goin’ on.

So my plan is to stroll the avenue and what better way to stay warm than with my newly finisihed VELYNDA sweater?

The day is going to l@@K something like this:

Chic Knits Velynda

– Wool scarf (this one from Yohji Yamamoto featuring an all-over fine knit and a frayed end.)
Velynda Cabled Cardigan (from Chic Knits)
– Flared Jeans (these from Dsquared2)
Keelin Cap (from Chic Knits)
– Blundstone 500’s (from my closet!)

But of course, these will be topped by a down jacket (and some hand-knit wool socks), because, baby, it’s around freezing outside!

I’ve been waiting to pull out some of my warmer sweaters. The holiday temps here were holding steady in the 40’s even verging on 50’s, which for a Snow Bunny is a little off kilter for the Xmas Season to be totally enjoyed!

But now we’re getting back to *normal* and it’s time for the debut:

Chic Knits Velynda

This is a go-to-sweater made from sturdy ole wool (mule-spun Cottage Craft in KELP) and it’s going to be my friend for a long, long time (and lots of tri-tip sandwiches, or hmm, pulled pork?)!

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Monday Morning Mirth December 26, 2011

Monday Morning Mirth

I needed some remedial help with a gift and found this! Dance Party!

(Still can’t figure out what’s my favorite – what’s yours?)

knitting patterns

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Chic Knits Mobi Rib December 23, 2011

Chic Knits Happy Holidays

…On the 8th Day of Christmas, my True Love gave to me:
    a twee scarf for Lover Boy & Me…

Chic Knits Mobi Rib

Using two different colors of Aran Weight wool or Bulky Yarn, here’s a mod,
fashionable look for the season!


Yarn: 150 yds Bulky Wt. or 150 yds ea. of 2-colors Aran Wt. held together (300 yds total)

Gauge: 12 sts / 16 rows over 4″ St st

Needles: #13 (9mm) needles

Size: One size Fits All

Lower Edge

Using #13 (9mm) needles, cast on 96 sts.

Row 1: [K2, P2] across.

Work in 2×2 ribbing as est until piece measures 9.75″.

Bind off all sts. Weave in ends. Block. (Washing, then drying flat sets ribbing.)

Make Möebius

Step One

Chic Knits Mobi Rib

Start with your freshly blocked long rectangle.

Step Two

Chic Knits Mobi Rib

Take left edge and fold once away from you.

Step Three

Chic Knits Mobi Rib

Using both hands at the same time, bring outside shorter length edges of rectangle together, to meet in the middle of the rectangle, over fold from Step Two.

Slip stitch edges together.

Weave in remaining ends.

Chic Knits Mobi RibChic Knits Mobi RibChic Knits Mobi Rib

…click on pix for larger versions

Want to knit it seamlessly?


After casting on initial sts, just join to knit in the round and continue!

Makes a cozy, nice tubular cowl! :)

Chic Knits

knitting patterns

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