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Monday Morning Mirth November 21, 2011

Monday Morning Mirth

Make-up for those of us that are all thumbs! I couldn’t resist this drugstore eyeshadow compact when I saw how it was laid out!

Just in case you get confused about which color should go where, color areas are in an almost paint-by-numbers arangement.

Even the make-up impaired like myself will have No Problem with some sultry holiday eyes?!

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Sunday mit Coffee & Reads

– Side dish for thursday: cauliflower tossed with a little curry butter
– A Radical Rethinking of Thanksgiving Leftovers: Sprd shrded turkey singl lyr bkng sheet Toss w oliv oil mncd grlc cumin coriandr Bake300/30 dried & crisp stir occas Srv w/flrTortil & garn
– 450 sq foot studio unfolds
– Filthy Gorgeous: travelougue with Alex Vadukul in Kolkata

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Holidaze November 18, 2011

Just when I thought it was safe to go shopping for some pumpkin pie fixin’s, I had to face the music…

For the last few days, Chez Chic has been busy as a beehive, full of worker’s doing some minor rehab and more, hoping to get done before the holidays hit.

THIS is my solution to not having anywhere to put anything!

I ran out of space in Bedroom #1, which is filled with all the living room and dining room furniture, so I filled the BathTub! Crazy, huh!?~

First I put a couple of blankets/quilts to line it, then I put two tables, two fans, one lamp, about 20 framed pictures, four cases, my button box and a big ole plant stand.

I love it (especially the table pyramid)! But I can’t wait until this is over. My neighbors went out-of-town when they did this; I’m thinking I should’ve done that too. Thank god for knitting or I’d be totally out of my mind! :)


by random drawing, a copy of this cool book: Knitting Stitches: Visual Encyclopedia goes to …


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