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Fa La La La La November 30, 2010

There’s been little luck in the schedule to shoot WIP these days. I get up in the dark – around 5am – and come home in the dark. Yes, winter is here…

But that doesn’t mean I can’t grab a little luck during the day while I should be having lunch!

The last few days here in Chicago’s Loop (the downtown) have been rip-roaring crowds and fun! Not sure why there is such a riotous energy the days after Thanksgiving but there are many, many people who come out in groups to shop with a party spirit.

Including moi.

But I only had a little time and was really only interested in one place: Anthropologie, which is few steps into the hike to where I park my car, so easy for a dash-in.

They’re all revved up for the holidays, and, as always, have the most interesting knits. Here’s what greets you as you enter (along with their very fabulous Christmas tree made from thin wood planks painted green).

Although it is very, very chock full of stuff on the first floor

it’s what’s on the second floor that has me in thrall: the Sale Room, back in the SW corner of the space which is chock full of clearances of everything they offer.

DRESSES (my number one reason to love Anthro, number two being SKIRTS!)

Lots of accessories to go with your new dresses, offered in glass bins.

Scarves, belts, the most amusing hair bands, pins and ornaments: all together to tempt and sway.

Also in the mix? Household accessories that match the intrigue of what you might want to wear – glasses, candlesticks, knobs of all kind. In fact, I think this place could be the king of knobs!

But this is what grabbed me the most

a little shell-pink cropped wool sweater. A little intarsia Polka Dot sweater.

Now, looking at it, I could sense it was, as above, l.i.t.t.l.e. This did not prevent me from carrying it around the shop, hoarding it to my breast, to prevent the other shoppers from being all grabby up in there. I finally faced reality and put it flat on a table and pulled out my measuring tape (from the knitting bag) and measured it for real: 34″. ONLY 4″ less than what I like to wear but I swear by the Little Bad Muse herself that if it would’ve come in at 36″ it would’ve been mine . . .

Instead, I had to heal myself with a consolation prize.

Guess which ones I bought?

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Monday Morning Mirth November 29, 2010

Monday Morning Mirth

Every once in awhile a fashion trend comes and goes that makes me run away and hide.


One-sleeved cocktail dresses are showing up all over the place!

A short walk through just one corridor on Black Friday revealed two ringers.

But you've got to ask yourself: would the new Princess Middleton wear it? Hmm. Might be time to knit a shrug!

For the fun of it! Until midnight tonight: Purchase any pattern and get 20% with the code: CYBERMONDAY

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It’s a carnival, dude. November 24, 2010

Ah! They say, LIFE, is a caberet, old chum, but I beg to disagree. ;p

Over here at Chez Chic, it’s been more like a carnival.

I saw this poster (click pic to enlarge) on a wall on my way to the subway yesterday, and was really sorry that the show had left town because it seemed like it could’ve been a perfect silly antidote I might need.

Then again, they say, three’s a charm, and in my trifecta of mal-latelies #3 was a whooper!

Shooting a story, three weeks ago now, I was at a local high school football game getting something we call b-roll. These are the narrative shots that build a story between sound bites and here it was action action action. SO much action that it spilled into the sidelines where I was tackled, along with a running back who had the ball. UPshot? Bruised leg bone and ribs, and some back whack; my leg turned black from below the knee to my heel. Lovely! Spent the best part of 5 days prone, and am just digging out from the pileup of email and more that can happen when things derail. (A big thanks to everyone for their patience and help!)

But I’m a believer! I’ve learned so much about things the last few weeks – the medical, the sports, the geeky computer stuff (especially this – wow – seems like what happened to my site was quite deep), the automotive. All in all, it was a bunch of mechanical stuff that happened out of my control, and unlike the running back, I could get out of its way. ;p

Lots of action on the designing front – even though even the knitting was sidelined for almost a week.

The ongoing closet clean out has revealed all sorts of gems; I found some very pretty yarns to make some cool accessories and had the very fun task of deciding which one was going to go on the needles first.

Clockwise, from 12 o’clock high:
Sheep Valley Farms Worsted in Lovat; Manos del Uruguay in a light light steel blue; Woolpak New Zealand Perendale in Astronaut; more Woolpak in Kangaroo; and Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride in M10 Khaki.

Lurking in this lovely pileup: 3 hats and a hood!

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