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Monday Morning Mirth September 20, 2010

  Monday Morning Mirth  


Fashion Week in NYC wrapped up recently and New York magazine invited
100 designers to reveal their Spring 2011 inspirations

HERE is the slideshow…

Which was your favorite?

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First Chilly Air September 17, 2010

Yesterday, early afternoon, it happened.

I was standing next to my camera at a press conference with the mayor. A crowd was outside a new proposed neighborhood improvement site. The sky was deep blue peppered with chunky dusky clouds and we felt it.

It was on my cheek and tickling my nose.

It was cool and gentle and I felt myself move forward to nuzzle its touch. I saw the entire crowd lilt to its music and sway.

It was the first real breeze of autumn and that meant it was now full speed ahead!

ON with the wool!

Chic Knits

ON with the knitting — I’ve gotten quite a bit done on a new sweater the last few days. In fact, I liked the first one I started so much, I cast on for a second immediately.

ariann-collar-4829The turquoise edition at the top of the mannie is Sweater #1, in a luscious color (#4294) and yarn by Berroco called Ultra Alpaca Light. This yarn was the reward for keeping my nose to the grindstone until it was almost off my face all spring and it is a pleasure to hold it and look at it while the knitting is taking place.

Every stitch is a little confirmation, every turn a little “well done, matey”, every row completed a little salute to the past with a face towards the future.

This phenom of connection between knitter and thread in the making is probably one of the strongest in the whole process. People describe it with the same terms they use for love or food or touch. I experienced it the first time I used this yarn on my Ariann sweater (on the left). You know it’s true love when you are sorry the knitting is done!

This was so strong on that garment, I actually went back and knit some more on it, lengthening the collar when I found an already wound cake of yarn that had been hiding in the stash. Isn’t it the most ravishing color (#6283 Lavendar Mix) ever?

With my new crush, when you’re making a fabric that is so very plain but so very elegant, (I really really adore Stockinette Stitch) it is ultimately important that you have a very strong bond between you.

And I have it twice over!

Sweater #2, on the bottom, is a lovely grey (#29 Athena Grey) yarn called Lana Pura DK yarn from It is so soft (touch) and buttery (food) that I cannot resist its charm (love).

This was a close-out fiber from last November and has patiently been waiting its turn on the needles for other projects to be finished.

Now it’s full speed ahead. This is the one that goes perfectly with a movie, or mobile in the sweater bag, for those times when you’re stuck in the waiting room, or for during a lunchtime break. I find Stockinette st very meditative and calming, so it’s also my martini knitting at the end of the day. A lovely way to cap off the busy hours and let the mind wander. Here’s to a happy weekend, knitters!

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Enter the Dyepot September 14, 2010

Oh HO! There is a phenom that happens every once in a while over here at Studio Chic Knits…

We actually fall out of love with a sweater!

Hard to believe, since we love, love, LOVE, the clothes, but sometimes, yes, it happens.

But sometimes, an intervention can save the day!.



from l. to r. (click on small pix for larger versions):

We started out with our two year old Basic Chic Hoodie – a well-loved garment made with Cotton Ease. We’ve worn it lots; washed it lots. It’s nice and soft and comfy. Problem was, we were never in love with the color! It is a little too light for a work sweater; a little too bland for our stylings. When we’re in the trenches as a photog, you need something that can look fresher throughout the day, maybe even something that can stand out in traffic. So it was time for a change…

And lucky us, we didn’t have to look too far! For a couple of weeks, Misa’s beautiful Cerisara has graced our blog page, made in the most glorious mustardy yellow! So, we got out the Procion MX Jacquard dyes from the cupboard and waved our wand. VOILA!

We experimented and found that 2 T of #10 Yellow & 1 t of #106 Bronze, just might give us the color we were dreaming about.
The Secret *Ingredient* ? The fact that the sweater itself was grey meant that it was going to damp down the tone. If it was white fiber, we would’ve added some #128 Warm Black to do the very same thing.
Also important? For even dye coverage, first soak the garment for about 1/2 hour in lukewarm water. I put this in the washing machine, soaked, then spun it out.

So into the gargantuan dyepot went the mixed dye, 1 1/2 cups of salt, three gallons of lukewarm water, and the sweater. Forty-five minutes and 1/3 of a cup of soda ash later, VOILA! Our gorgeous reincarnated sweater was ready for a brand new day….


We’re chompin’ at the bit for some cool temp runnings now so we can give this a road test asap! Whow!

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