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Hurley Burley September 29, 2010

You’d think it was Spring Fever that’s been fueling all the hurley burley happening here at Chez Chic the past week or so! Nay – I actually think once one gets that first powerful whiff of the crisp autumn air in one’s nostrils, anything can happen…

We’ve been busy cleaning the studio, the house, the car, anything that moves. The uncluttering opens the mind and lets the ideas take over those other places and fill them with something better.

There’s a few free days off next week from ye olde day job and I’ve been looking forward to getting something done I haven’t had a hand in for a long time.


I set my little portable table with my stockinette knitting machine up once again!

Even though I love knitting Stockinette sweaters (have 2 on the needles right now in DK weight yarn), this little contraption helps get to the finish line faster for some other wardrobe needfuls.

I’ve started a hoodie in charcoal grey worsted — to replace one that’s so shabby it doesn’t even leave the house anymore (my original LoTech Sweat). I am a real nester when I’m at home, especially in the cold months and this project is nothing more than what the Squirrels are doing outside: getting ready for Winter!

Although I kept track of my gauge and tensions on my pattern notes, I decided to take the time to check the working of the machine. Cleaned it, ran it through a few trial passes to unlodge any remaining dusties and then got to it.


Don’t these little pieces look rather amusing?

The white areas are scrap yarn — in machine knitting you use scrap yarn to cast on and knit a few rows as the “base” for your sweater before you start the actual pieces, then use it again to “hold” the end row in place. It acts as the ultimate provisional cast-on/off because you later remove it and finish that edge as you wish. I will be ribbing…

It took me several passes to get the confidence setting to restart the project so next week, it’s full speed ahead and the goal is to get all the sweater pieces finished and ready to be seamed and ribbed.

yarnconflagIn the meantime, the little table is taking a little trip.

It will be part of the Chic Knits booth at the YarnCon show this Saturday!

Join us! We’ll be there in the Chic Knits’ booth with bells on, exhibiting alongside some of Chicagoland’s finest yarns, clothing, accessories and more…

Pulaski Park Fieldhouse
1419 W Blackhawk St
Chicago, IL 60622

October 2, 2010
10am to 4pm

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Monday Morning Mirth September 27, 2010

  Monday Morning Mirth  


Fashion Week is wrapped in NYC but is going strong in the European fashion capitals.

Starting a new trend? Giles Deacon, London, who combined tradtional fair isle with spring brights to create a colorful twist on very recent retro: “”It’s nineties—the color and fun and playfulness of the Milk Bar.” He was referring to the unprepossessing London nightlife institution where you would once have seen Björk hopping about, Katie Grand propped up at the bar knitting, and Jon Pleased Wimmin deejaying (and what happened to him?).”

KIP (and Playstation!) inspiring knitwear! We love it! But what about that headgear?

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Street Talk Wednesday September 22, 2010

(What I thougtht was) The first day of Fall slipped right by the city this year! It was busy camouflaged as a very moist summer day and even though the chrysanthemums were everywhere, it seemed like a most excellent time to smell the roses.

Sit in a cafe. Knit a little…

Thing was, I was downtown, in the loop, and my cafe happened to be an Argo Tea shop that is right next door to the Oriental Theatre…

That’s where I saw Billy Elliot; that’s where I froze my tutu off and tried to stave off the chill by draping myself with a little shrug. Funny thing that. Not wanting to take the time to put my arms through the sleeves! I just wanted to wrap myself, quickly, get the cold off of me…

Here’s my antidote so far:


This little spot is a street cafe, much in the style of some I’ve seen in Paris or London. Outside those restaurants, they put some tables and chairs and the public strolls in front of them. In Chicago, for some reason (or probably law) they put the chairs and tables away from the shop itself and along the street, separating all from harm by an iron surround — many times a surround that has lots of decoration.

Here you can view boxes full of flowers, and watch, the world, go by. And grab your camera when all of a sudden there’s a man strolling towards the cafe who is a dead ringer (but better) for Rpatz.

Now, as I’ve freely admitted a milllion years ago, I am Team Edward. Sorry, but that’s the way the story crumbles and believe me when I say that I reached for my little camera faster than anytime in near memory. For sure, I was going to take a picture of my WIP, my navy cotton stole, which is now about two feet long and will be ready for next year’s theatre season. But I was ready for more; I just wasn’t ready to speed frame and get it all in.

Hmm. But it’s happiness that the stole came out in the pic! And what’s really amazing is that this picture does not capture my people watchin’ pal in all his loveliness – cannot figure that out, he was very handsome. Also, I didn’t notice before was what he was wearing; I’m thinking those are euro-cut trousers, etc. right?

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