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Monday Morning Mirth July 19, 2010

  Monday Morning Mirth  


who receives the Vogue Stitchionary Volume 5, via random drawing.

Thanks so much to everyone who joined in the fun!

Here’s a tiny bit of “consolation” for the rest of us: cool knitting + cute cute guys!

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RIng in the Sleeves July 15, 2010

Even while this month is speeding along alike a cart without a horse on a steep, steep hill (look out below!), we’ve found some time to get a little further along on the cotton-blend Cerisara we’re knitting.


Happiest to say: Sleeve #1 Fini!

It’s pretty little 3/4 self is now lonely for Sleeve #2, but that should be put to rights because the weekend is looming at it with a big big grin :)

rriveterAre you one of those people who are constantly pushing up their long sleeves? I am. There seems to be a rather unconscious need to temperature regulate and one will just reach and push and get a little fresh air on the limbs. Or, maybe just to get the sleeve out of the way of Some Work That Needs to be Done! How many illustrations have you seen with the subject, who is Seriously Working, portrayed with long sleeves? They’re rolled up! And this is my story too — I’ve got things to do while I’m a wearin’ my clothes — especially if I’m doing the day gig.

Setting up the tripod and swinging the gigantic camera around has resulted in some ring, bracelet, sleeve catchin’ good times. (Right now, my poor little right pinkie is out-of-commission in a splint, with an s-shaped super-sprain.) I’ve gotten used to my no-ring, no jewelry state to the point now where it bothers me to have anything on my wrists for the most part (unless it’s really cold out, then I love my wrist warmers!).

So, a 3/4 sleeve is just what the doctor ordered on many of my cardigans! This one is made of very lightweight yarn and is a transitional kind of wrapper that is my answer to the other idiosyncrasy of my knitting life: not a shawl person! Imagine how hard it is to see all of the very beautiful shawls and shawlettes out there and not be able to wear them! I adore them all the same and would put them all over the windows in my house if I had the time just to enjoy the making thereof.

The lovely Betsie from Kitnit Fine Yarns, in Lancaster, PA, wrote asking about yarns for this sweater, as they’re starting a KAL (go and knit!) and we wrote:
“The sample is made using Elsbeth Lavold “Eucool” a lightweight wool/eucalyptus blend. I loved it!

Here’s our list for yarns that would work well with this design.

Here’s the link to the yarns used in Ravelry knitter’s projects.

This garment uses DK weight (5.5 sts per inch) yarn knit at a worsted gauge (5 sts per inch). This makes for a slightly drapey, open lace without a lot of fuss. :)

Some people have used sportweight yarn with success with this pattern too. If you can get a decent swatch coming out to 5st/in as given, there’s lots of hand dyes out there that look fabulous with this style.

I couldn’t help but take a picture of this sweater that makes it look like it’s done — just for a little inspiration to get on it! — fastened with a mod, metal-tipped simple shawl pin as a closure.


The sooner this one’s off the needles, the faster my Navy cotton stole will be done. It’s already 6″ long (out the gate last weekend; could not control my casting on, as usual!)


knitting patterns

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Monday Morning Mirth July 12, 2010

  Monday Morning Mirth  

Perennial Poker Face Lady Gaga has reportedly reunited with an old flame from her recent past: one Luc Carl (see pix below), a muscian, bar-tender and glam-guy, not necessarily in that order.

This got me day-dreaming about a couple that got away…

Would I, could I, turn back the hands-of-time and give it another go?


Would you re-unite with an old boyfriend?
No free polls

Me either…

knitting patterns

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