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Mondo Cable Pulli Thursday, July 30, 2009

More progress on my Mondo Cable Pulli…

Sleeve #1 is on the needles and a funny thing is going on. I was mobile with my knitting and only had the body needle with me to use to start the sleeves, (which I love to knit using a Magic Loop). Usually, it’s recommended that you use a very, very long needle for this technique, but I’ve found (just like when I knit socks) that if you have a very flexible cable, you can use a much shorter needle.

I love this!

It makes the knitting go much faster since the turn-arounds are all slicked up. And, there is no smack down going on, which can be the case when you’re using one of those super-long circs. This is the reason I’ve read that many dismiss this style of knitting-in-the-round. Who wants to be poked and wrestling with a foot-long loop every stitch you make?

This shorter (Addi) is very well-behaved and lies below my throwing hand (right) when I’m knitting.


This picture is very intersting to me; the pattern has two sleeve finishes and I’m waffling back and forth between long or cap ;p

Logic says since I’m about six inches into Sleeve #1, it’s going to be LONG, but I keep a-wondering…

And this has to be some kind of record for me — knitting sleeves concurrently on two separate projects! I think I better go play Lotto.

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Twist Redux Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Clearing out the WIP basket is so invigorating I’ve had to start something else immediately.

Going through the wardrobe, it’s readily apparent that some of the things that are my favorites aren’t even in there! They instead live in the Trunk: that ever expanding roadshow that goes hither and yon as samples for the portfolio.

Especially missing: a Twist sweater of my very own. I really like the sample; I made it for myself but it immediately became a sample when I didn’t have enough time to knit another for a photoshoot. When that happens, it’s hands-off (unless you occasionally cheat and model it during, say, a book sigining…)

So to celebrate the coming season, my favorite transitional time between summer and fall, I’ve dug in the stash and pulled out some Cotton Ease in Taupe and started a Twist that with any luck should be ready to roll right around when it’s back-to-school time.

So far, one sleeve down and one on the needles. I’m practicing extreme discipline here, people, knitting the sleeves first so I’ll be especially motivated to finish the rest quickly. This is one of the primary reasons I like knitting things in pieces. You can choose yer poison.


And pretty poison it is…

(BTW: Does anybody have a couple of skeins in this color (Taupe)
dyelot 35102, that they’d be willing to part with?)

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Monday Morning Mirth July 27, 2009

  Monday Morning Mirth  


(But really, does it make me a Trekkie?)

Just because a girl loves her early morning corn flakes with ice cold milk doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy a little sugar…

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