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Monday, March 30, 2009

  Monday Morning Mirth  

As if one’s tax return wasn’t proof positive the World’s gone mad,
HAREM PANTS have made a flash return to the Springtime Runway!
Now I’ve been around long enough to have seen this before and intend to say the very same thing to this trend I said the last time: “Can’t touch this!”
How about you? Here’s what the malls are now starting to serve all about town…

Pick Your Spring Fashion Trend 2009
Harem Pants
the Color PEACH!
Acid Wash Anything
Retro Ruffles
Animal Prints
Neon Brights
Sheer Fabrics
White Dresses
Boyfriend Blazers / Boyfriend Jeans
Robert Pattinson
Free polls from

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

spring1Since daylight begins earlier and the air has turned warmer, the color of sky and water here in Chicago is becoming more vibrant, more saturated and glorious. It is always mesmerizing to drive along the lakefront and see how the one determines and shades the other. I always fantasize winning the lottery and getting a gorgeous vintage condo overlooking Lake Michigan so I could begin and end every day with a new shade of Water, a unique shade of Sky, never the same color, forever changing.

But living inland means taking the color with you in your mind’s eye. It becomes an oasis where one can take a visual time-out and perhaps feast the senses, relax or invigorate!

The transition of season might still need a nudge, a helping hand to jump over the chilly morning grey skies still lingering around the ever-greening grass. I have my St st project pulling me around that bend and am now one sleeve and a neck-band away from a commuter cardi:


This BCHoodie (Universal Yarn Long Print colors 01 Sea & Sand and 08 African Summer) has all the colors of the March sky & water and more. I’m waiting for a good day to shoot the variations in this yarn because it is really sensational close up. I have a lot of tees in shades of aqua, blue, chartruese and browns and with jeans (and my red hair) makes a nice little daily cardi ready to take over topper duty from the dreary parka parade!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Even though I hear the birds sweetly trilling outside my springtime window, louder is the call of something darker.

Yeah. The Taxman Cometh and has scattered like the wind reams and reams of papers all over the hut.

Would that I could escape this unholy deadline, but indeed, we all walk together towards that uncompromising line ;p

A little knitting is getting done, though, and it’s at these times I find the repose and peace of the process so calming, such a gift…


Here stands my current Sandrine, like a talisman against the evil of all that paper! I’m several inches down from the body join and have completed the cross-over! Now it’s clear sailing into the calm waters of beautiful Stockinette Stitch. So lovely to have such a loyal and dependable friend when the brain is squeezed elsewhere!!

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