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Friday, October 31, 2008

the fabulous Wanda writes: As I said before, your stash has no boundaries! That just cracks me up how you keep finding stash all over the place.

Oh, everybody who thinks my closet was bare after last Friday, raise your hands! AH, let’s see. ZERO?!

Well, have I got something for you…

Here are 14 skeins of beautiful vintage yarn: Mary Maxim Knitting Worsted/Double Knitting yarn. It is 95% wool & 5% nylon and is really pretty…

5 skeins are a fab Coral color; 9 are pink. But of course, if these colors do not tickle YOUR fancy, perhaps the dyepot awaits! (I’m guesstimating about 120 yds per skein @ 12wpi/5 sts per inch.)

Go ahead and trick or treat!

Send an email HERE

It will automatically be stashed into a Freebie Friday Folder and a new owner will be chosen by random drawing on Tuesday, November 4.



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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick or Treat, City-Style…

In an unexpected turn of events, I found myself face-to-face with some red shoes.

Now, everybody knows, red shoes are Powerful!

My sister gave me a pair of red pumps one year for Christmas in a year ripe with romance at every turn and said I’d be lethal. Men would be falling at my feet uncontrollably in love with the simple wearing of same. I didn’t believe her until I tried ’em out and then I couldn’t believe my luck! Yoowsa. Amour to spare.

THE TREAT: when I came up out of the Blue Line Subway Tuesday, I fell into the local ALDO outlet. Now how lucky is a shoe freak to have a store like this right enroute. This time of year it’s really full of last season’s cork wedgies but man alive. The Boots. I had to run down another aisle to get away from them and that’s when I ran smack dab into those Red Shoes.

It tickled me to see their smooth wide leather toes, all decorated with ribbon embroidery so subtle and gorgeous it was hard to believe. They were lined in thin, soft tan suede and had little red soles with little red heels.

No question but these were meant to be big birthday love for, yes, La Sis.

THE TRICK: these shoes were so powerful that even in a box in a bag I was still dreaming of them and didn’t even notice it until it was too late. A large parka in my path made me swerve to the right and when it swerved left and blocked me my eyes lifted higher and met his. They were wrong. So very, very wrong. And I shouted.

And even hearing Step Back Now didn’t stop their tilting sneer and I heard NO and felt him push me and grab the strap across my shoulder. I swerved again and knew it.

Hurt. Coming to a Corner near You. Oh I was yelling. And a man ran up and told the young man to Leave Her ALONE! I saw a policeman come around the right and grab the Sneer and as fast as that, it was done.

3:30 in the afternoon, broad daylight, right in front of a cop (!), it just didn’t matter to the young man. What’s mine is yours, (or maybe not). He started yelling how he was going to sue us all.

I was so aggravated that someone had the NERVE to touch me then say THAT that the cops made me wait in the lobby of a bank while they put the Sneer in their car. It is unbelievable the rush of protective nature that fills your veins to bursting when insult trumps injury. It could move mountains; it could kick and stomp.

CITY-STYLE: and just like that, the last deep breath exhaled, the last thank you exchanged between me and the Man in Blue and it was time to move on. Somebody needed to wrap it up and wrap those shoes. Birthdays and such don’t take a holiday just because it’s hard out there for a thug. Maybe Friday, I’ll see if they still have a pair in my size.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More Yarnie FUN! More AWOL UFOs!

Among the nooks and crannies of many of the boxes that were thrown together weeks ago were stuffed partially knitted things. Sleeve, bodies (OOOOH Halloweeeeeen!!), and feet, erm, socks.

The Mystery: Ye Olde Sock Mojo having left the building in a big way left half-baked onesies (current count 10). SHOCKING? Some of these are 1″ long; two were an entire foot; some were shorties in various lengths.

Solved: many of these were whimsical preludes to a design. In the process, one sketches with pencil, paper and…


I would hit an idea full force and pick up the needles and have a go (this is happening right now with a scarf idea). Sometimes the sketch makes it all the way to the finish line. Sometimes, it gets binned and basketed and piled and stashed until VOILA. The Sketcher decides to move along.

Here you see two sock ideas, rather the aftermath of two sock ideas.

STR was a big temptation here; the stitch patterns enticed me too, but the results were ultimately off by texture and gauge, especially the differences between medium and lightweight. In the end (which landed Saturday), they were frogged, skeined and washed to be on to a better day. Walking away from a project can do many things to clear the *air* in one’s head and end up making you finish or retreat and this time it was a run to the sink, because that is some fine yarn to be just sitting around doing a zombie impression of a sock!

through random drawing

Jen Conrad

winning the Sage Green Yarn!!!

THANKS to everyone who entered and played! More trick or treats coming soon…

knitting patterns

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