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Monday, March 31, 2008

  Monday Morning Mirth  


What’s more fun than a trip to Great America? Why, a visit to your local government Money Pit!

Here in Chicago we are the incredibly lucky owners of the State of Illinois Bldg on Randolf St.

From the outside, it looks like a big flying saucer.

From the inside, 16 stories up where I took this picture, it looks, well, pretty empty!

The building, designed by Helmut Jahn, is a semi-circle of offices that hug one long curve on the North side of the building where the workers freeze in the winter and are baked by the South facing windows in the summer.

BUT I LOVE the Elevators! They go pretty darn fast and give an unparalleled views of the entire spread all the way down to the food court on the basement level or just a guy sipping his Starbucks in the vator next to you…

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Wherein we see if the feeds are landing

testing the system for rss distribution…

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What Happened to Bloglines? etc.

Back in the oily days, oh about 2001 or so, when I first launched up Chic Knits, I used a program called NewsPro to write an online journal. This program ran on the monster fumes of cgi and after a few months of blogging, I’d tweaked it to even allow comments, which before were handled by a funky little (yes, cgi) guestbook on another page.

Fearlessly and wonderfully, I moved the blog to Movable Type in 2004, another cgi based program where many years were enjoyed until a major database corruption happened last August.

So early this month, I jumped off the cliff!

PHP now rocks the house!

I installed a *faker blog* on another server and after I got most of the kinks out (Hee. Saying they’re all out is insane) I installed it on the Chic Knits website. I continue to massage older archived pages so if you see something or click on something and it doesn’t work right, give me a shout to infoATchicknitsDOTcom and I’ll tweak some more…

One of the more disturbing things that happened [due to my ignorance and it not being in the 5-Minute WordPress Installation Guide], was that the Bloglines Feed for Chic Knits up and vaporized!

This happened around the 7th of March and it’s taken me until now to fix it.

Take a look and see if it is working for you if you use Bloglines and if you use one of the other wonderful news readers out there, let me know if it is broke?

If it isn’t working for you now, you can click on the little orange square below or the one on the top right column and subscribe via Feedburner to the reader of your choice :)

 Subscribe in a reader…

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