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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hi everybody — due to a very Tragic Server crash, I lost all the wonderful comments you left about my Mom & our garden. THANK YOU for being so kind and generous — I think we have the ghost out of the machine now but I apologize for the wacky site behaviour the past few days…

self-portrait Tuesday


What, you say? Who’s that girl?
Well. This is a 50% Self-Portrait.

That is my Mom. ;p

She was visiting for a few days and we really got to it in the back yard. I thought she looked adorable (she’s 75yo) in her jeans, working away on the ground (on my behalf!) Those are lilies-of-the-valley in the middle, liatris (sterile) on the right, and some unknown vine-y ivy in the front.

Two things are very special about this.

FIRST: my Mom is even here, especially doing anything. She was very ill last year at this time and it brings me great joy to see her traveling, gardening, doing all the things she loves. I have to salute her — she took hold of the situation, has lost about 40 lbs and feels great!

SECOND: those lily-of-the-valley originally came from my DziaDzia’s (grandpa) garden, maybe all the way off the farm. It’s a touchstone of something we all have in common across the miles and years and I know I will love seeing it in the yard.

We had fun deciding where it was going to go. LofV is *much too friendly* of a plant, multiplying and going everywhere. Liatris, even though this is the hybrid kind, is like that too, although to a lesser degree.

So what you see above is my Mom’s solution. She found a corner of the yard, where we weren’t really planning on planting and made them their own habitat where their beauty can tickle us without torturing us with their bad habits.

What was really fun was that she used a ton of the rocks we dug out of the yard while we were excavating the space for the pavers. Our house is built on the scene of a fire; the previous 19th century house had burned down and elements of it are spread all over our lot.

She used the smaller ones to make a border between the pavers and the beds — we hope to use up every bit of found stone — very good luck :)

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Monday, July 30, 2007

  Monday Morning Mirth  

harry potter deathly hallows

Well. All I’ve got to say is that I read it (dozing through the forest chapters — damn that’s a heavy book). I cried (a little — when it falls on you, it HURTS). And I marveled (5 out of my 10 theories were right-on). But the most mysterious thing about Book 7?

Oh why. OH. W.H.Y. was he only on about 1% of the pages? The most interesting, most conflicted character (called “the Authentic Protagonist”) in recent popular fiction is buried (literally) in the back field at school while we’re subjected to the self-orbital musings of a spotty teenage boy sitting in a tent.

Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: harry potter deathly hallows

But of course, in the Internet Age, you are never alone! Here’s some interesting opinions on this phenomenom — feel free to leve me yours!

And here’s one for you Ladies, which is probably why we all had a soft spot for Him to begin with . . .

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Friday, July 27, 2007

New Threads FRIDAY!

Groovy Condo
Design: Fatto a Mano Nr. 146 design 33
Yarn: Gedifra *Poesie*
Color: Aqua #2017
Gauge: 13 sts/17 rows over 4″
Needles: #11

To be sure — le dictionnaire de b-Marie sez FASHION is something that is distinctively, elegantly in style, at a given time, in a given society or place.

This little shell would be right at home clubbin’ it, after 11pm, dancing the night away — en Vogue where vogue is fashion that is evident, enthusiastic [but perhaps] short-lived.

Turn the Beat Around: it echoes the 70’s but it lives in 2007 via material and arrival. This style was termed “blouson”: “n. Jacket or dress that is full at the waist; blouse-like in appearance.”



I’ve seen a lot of bloused cami’s in my neighborhood — paired with tight peg-legged pants and very high heels, very P.M. Hmm. I found a pair of aqua capris that match this exactly — and think I might have to wear high cork wedgies with mine.

I was flipping through the channels Wednesday night and by accident came across an incredible documentary on PBS.

This program is a fascinating look at the current state of Haute Couture, where it is, where it’s going and who is wearing it: “The number of fashion houses showing haute couture in Paris has fallen from 100, during its post-World War II heyday, to barely a dozen today. Filmmaker Margy Kinmonth journeys from Paris to New York to California to meet both designers and customers in this exclusive, elusive niche in the fashion industry. As haute couture’s traditional American customer base ages, fewer young women are stepping up to ensure its survival. Discover how much has changed

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