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Thursday, February 22, 2007

New Threads THURSDAY!


56 St 56 Row Socks
Designer: Nancy McGlynn
Yarn:Regia *Crazy Color* – 2.25 skeins
Color: Green Multi #5264
Gauge: 7 sts/10rows over 1″
Needles: #3

Whoo HOO! These are some Cheerful lookin’ threads!

Soft too – after I washed them in some lightly soaped water, they bloomed and got very nice. I even threw them in the dryer because I wanted to wear them today.

It is still brisk – around 30 degrees this morning which is 30 degrees WARMER than last week at this time. The Weatherman said we had zero or below since January 26.

It helps me to block it out by looking at my feet now. Maybe I’ll sprout some daffodils between my toes ;p

{oooh Melanie – where’s yer twosie?}

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Right now, I’m just a little scared of what I see above.

Moments ago, that knitting you see was an entire front section of a sweater.

Now, it appears to be not much more than a swatch!

Here’s the silver, swatch is good! Rather it be a puny-size potholder shaped portion than a sweater with not one, but two cable crossing disasters. I swear! I was drinking coffee and chatting and before I knew it BLAM! I spied mistake #1, about 8 rows back.

Yikes! Then I inspected the rest of the thing and BLAM! Mistake #2 WAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down by the ribber-side.

For a microsecond, I considered the cure, the re-knit, the weave.

But then it was: OFF with its thread.

I decided in this yarn, with this tension, with this pattern, it would only drive me around the bend if I started fussing with it. There are two cable actions quite close together and by my estimates (and factoring in the b-Marie patience quotient) it would be more efficient to just rippit. I’m a fast knitter, right?

More is more, then less.

I feel a little giddy….

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Monday, February 19, 2007

  Monday Morning Mirth  

May all your dreams come true in the
Year of the PIG 2007!

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