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Thursday, June 29, 2006


bright lights, Big City…

If yarn could be edible, the stuff you see above would be on my plate in an instant! The glorious KarenB, knowing that cheerfulness extends beyond a smile, reached out and lifted me up with some beaming fiber JOY! Just look at the color fun – this is destined to be a future capelet the wearing of would challenge even Superman!

The colorway is called *Good Morning* and is from the fabulous folks at I’ll say – every single person that saw this on the #66 wanted to reach out and touch this lovely stuff – THANK YOU Karen!


Think I resemble that color combo – right on!

This is my new knitting bag/bus satchel. It’s cheerfulness is authored by a neighborhood designer named Lou who has a store called LoLa. Theresa and I found this exciting new house of purse on a shop crawl along Division Ave.

One of my personal mottos is: “if you’re going to make a move, make a Bold Move” and this fits that bill perfectly…


And last, but not least, one for the Cotton Tots, the lovely K&A! WHO could resist this color I spied lanquishing all lonely in a bin at a Michaels Craft store? Not I, who had just run in to “use the facilities” on my way elsewhere. b.Limey – talk about multi-tasking?!

I see some Bucketing in my crystal ball, y’all…

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Monday, June 26, 2006

  Monday Morning Mirth  

I’m thinking if one went back in history far enough, one would probably find a Pin-up Girl on a cave wall. Whether it’s B.C. or P.C. is not the question but what IS our fascination with the Girl?


Back in the Day when the Pin-up ruled Supreme, one would often see her painted as aircraft nose-art, sitting on a Bomb intended for some other Tom, Dick or Charley…

Today’s Pin-up blithely rides a Spray Paint Can…


I shot these Can-Do Girls about 9 miles directly south of my house, in the Englewood neighborhood, under the tracks at 58th & Justine.

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Thursday, June 22 2006

Flash Your Stash Trash…

I’ve been marooned on Sleeve Island since the last time Gwyneth and I tangled. Just what would leave me up Frog Creek without a paddle?

Being a three time loser, that’s what.

After I finished the first sleeve, I tried the little darling on and yay, matey, that sleeve was too tight! This became the perfect opportunity to fine-tune the rest of the object of my desire. Since I was going to frog to infinity and beyond, I might as well make some other adjustments as well.

Last Thursday, I’d finished the body portion of the top at KIP. The lovely Theresa tried it on for me and there were two other obvious places improvement could be made – it was just a little short and just a little high-necked.


In a feat not unlike the cliff divers of Le Quebrada, I frogged with relish and abandon, right back to where I started the armhole shaping. From here, it was easy to: lengthen the body a tweak, start the neckline a little lower, and make the sleeve a breath wider.

All it required was my willingness to Rip Out about 5 days work. Hella. Baby.

It must be done – I am now starting that sleeve again and I’m in love…


In the meantime, I had to go looking for a length of scrap yarn to do a provisional cast-on for that pesky sleeve. I opened my *remnants* box to score and found one of the most god-awful sights I’ve ever seen!

A bag of tiny pieces I’d thrown in with some small balls of yarn had perved itself into a hybrid whack of a mess that took me quite a while to rescue – and yes, those tiny pieces went into oblivion! What the h did I think I was going to do with five feet of 70’s rust-colored acrylic?

Well, if you are the inheiritor of the family Pack Rat DNA, you know the answer to that question. I certainly do :)

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