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Friday, December 30, 2005

Ring out ye Olde – Bling in the NEW!


Chinese Sweater
Pattern: Rebecca Magazine 26 – #17
Yarn: Tiffany
Color: Red & Bronze
Gauge: 18sts/24rows over 4″
Needles: #7 & #8

For once in my life, the Holiday knitting is finished before the clock strikes Midnight! Although like many of you, I’ve wanted to clear the deck of ALL projects before that 5 morphs into 6, I am happily satisfied I got this Far – ususually about now, my biological imperative and lack of finishing is making me dig deep in the back forty of the closet, like some crazed fashion anthropologist, WILLING something/anything to appear that will get me through the next round of holiday cheer.

I can’t wait to wear this – it’s part of my New Year’s *Party Frock* and will be paired with a skirt, black hose and high black pumps.

Pumps. I love that word. It is very p-p-p-arty.


CU of Flower Brooch made from colored sea shells…


Happy New Year Everybody!!!
I wish You & Yours the very very Best in the Coming Year! Thank you for stopping by in the last one and joining in on the fun…

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005




Now that it’s 50 degrees outside here in Chicago, I have an Artic Ready Hat! Not to worry, we all know another BLAST is in the wings and this little number just might pull me through.

Back in the early days, I made a Snood to battle the great outChores while shoveling snow. The mistake was combining a strand of mohair with a strand of worsted – looked good, tasted BAD. Those little bits of hair kept finding their way into my mouth whenever I took a breath. Blahchk…

This time, we have semi-coverage without the beard – or the pompom!

Instead, we have a little Icord clover – I doubled the yarn like on the bottom of the hat and made about a foot of cord then twisted it and sewed it to the top of the hat. I’m thinking it’s a cowlick of sorts, which in my family is fondly referred to as a KookadeeKoo! One of the ladies at the salon where I get my hair cut is from the Ukraine – and she says that’s a Real Word! Anybody know how it’s spelled?

…a special THANK YOU to Meg from Inch-by-Inch


for the wonderful hand spun yarn!
I think I’m hooked forevermore!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

PomPom and Circumstance


the wonderful Imbrium
writes: " I’m gonna have to say go with the pompom. Maybe two. Like little fluffy ears. :D"




So I grabbed the nearest book that looked like the right size and wrapped it up real good!

THAT’s how I made pompoms as a kiddie. That’s how I remember the joy…

So how come my PomPom looks like a limp little sea creature beached on the sand?


Talks to Self: Because when you were a child, your pompoms were not aspiring to be ginourmous globes but tiny little dingle balls, perfect for tiny little hands. Time to run for help!

Time to make the Donuts! Following the directions here I traced a canister of Christmas Cookies and cut out 2 circles. Then I cut out circles in the middle and wrapped them in yarn until, as directed, the center of the circle was *FULL*.



Now the fun with scissors begins…

Using the very sharpest of instruments (NO RUNNING!) I cut the 2 disks apart, then trimmed the edges



And here is where the leap of faith is required – you have to run a length of yarn between the disks, tighten ’til your face turns blue and knot. Lucklily, coming right after a Christmas present wrapping marathon, this was easier than I thought.

After that, you fluff it up with your hands and consider its fate: more trimming? more teasing? more wine?

My pompom was WAY too big so I went for more trimming and flattened it AGAIN with a plate (I’d already destroyed my donuts) then trimmed all around the plate edge.






But HEY! Isn’t there some kind of law that requires the Hat Trim to weigh ALOT less than the hat itself? This baby was so heavy (35g) it required a Hard Hat as it’s base to not only support its weight but protect the wearer’s Head…

Say Hello to my new 2006 PAPERWEIGHT!



Pam writes: “No pompom — tassel or weird I cord things or braids, yes.”

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