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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Ode to the Fiber Fest


Crispy weather now beckons me back to the Barn.

Barn Yarn that is.

And once I got there, it was a case of Lost and Found! Now who (or maybe How/Why/WTF) would lose yarn? (Now we’re not talking about the naughty projects that might have landed under the sofa or the mis-dyed skanks, ah skeins that find their way into Closet Oblivion.)

Dirty Little Secret: Who would lose yarn? ME – I’ve done it before, right about this very same week, September 23, to be exact, and It TOO was Barn Yarn – some fine fine CormoCross. What’s really weird, is that all the other entries in the blog from that week have a Daily link on the calendar here, But NOT THAT DAY! Creepy MT rears its Halloweenie Head…

But I digress – I am going up to Michigan the week after next and those Sirens are a callin’ – the very same sirens that make me make Holiday Sweaters are now hammerin’ on me to make a nice little casual Walking the Dog Sweater.

SO I’m makin’ a Wool Scoop du Jour.

AND because I could only find SOME of the yarn that I thought would be nice, I’m combining it with some other yarn and it will be two-toned: Dark Olive and Natural Sheep Grey.

And here’s where the Ode to the Fiber Fest begins – this is typical yarn that you will find all over the country from yer MomEtPop herders. I believe there are only so many mills that spin! SO regionally, you have places where everyone brings their fleece after shearing and it magically twists up into wonderful 2 and 3-ply Barn Yarn!

The Natural Grey (actually looks very brown to me) Worsted is from Chester Farms, in Virginia. I saw them first at Maryland Sheep and Wool – their booth one of the first you find after you entered (2004) and it was stacked to the rafters with yarny goodness. Carolyn got some, I believe, pretty lilac wool cotton. I left empty handed but wandered round and round and round enthralled by the yarny wooly smell…

I did fall into their black hole, mail orderstyle, this late summer – got some black too! Gonna make a Black Aran Cardi (quick call the Priest – if we start the Exorcism now, we will save Time later!)

The Dark Olive is this
from one of my first dyeing attempts, back in November of last year. I have LOST TWO SKEINS of this yarn (seen here pre-dyed, in its natural Barney state). If you see it wandering around in a field at Rhinebeck, please email me here

…see all entries here in the Complete Notes: Barny Yarny

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Monday, September 26, 2005

  Monday Morning Mirth  

Meet my new favorite friend…


Who ya gonna call when the weather turns on you like blender?


Your Lil’ Hair Buddy from the Dollar Store, that’s who!


And just check out the way This Paper Doll is dressed!

1. Orange Metal Hair Clips: Check

2. 4- Yellow & 2 – Orange little plastic spring clips: Check

3. and, saving the BEST for last – a Dress made from a bunch of Stretchy Terry Hair Bands: Check!

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Friday, September 23, 2005

New Threads FRIDAY!


the Flower Basket Shawl
Pattern: Interweave Knits Fall 2004
Designer: Evelyn A. Clark
Yarn: Dzined *Handpainted Wool/Hemp Sportweight*
Color: Orange & Blue & Yellow
Gauge: 20 sts/28rows over 4″
Needles: #7


Now that I’ve finished my very 1st Shawl, I’m wondering –
WHY THE H Did I wait so Long to Try This?

1. Was it the thought of having to pay attention to the charting and details? Nope – after several Aran cardies, I should’ve realized that fundamentally the stitch patterns are etched in the brain after a few repeats.

There were, counting right from the top neck edge, 7 full pattern repeats in Blue; 8 full pattern repeats in Orange; and the final edge chart in Orange, with two rows of Yellow. All yarn was one-of-a-kind handpainted Wool/Hemp Sportweight from Dzined.

2. Maybe it was because of all that skinny, tiny yarn – it might take forever and a day to finish something so small in gauge. But actually, the gauge was really rather large – I was using size 7 needles which resulted in a standard worsted gauge of 20/28…

3. Hmmm… Fear of Blocking? NAY, I was able to score some blocking wires at Stitches Midwest this summer and they were wonderful! I washed the completed shawl (it was filthy – old, stashed yarn & weeks of manhandling – EEEWW) – you just thread the wires through the shawl edges and pull and pin to shape.

The only thing I found out about blocking that was a little scary was I JUST COULDN’T STOP moving the Pins. Pin. Re-pin. Pin Re-Pin. Eventually I grew so weary from the neurotic fussing, I just collapsed on the couch and dozed – good thing too because the damn shawl was TAKING UP THE ENTIRE BED!

4. And yes indeed, my lace making friends – I am HOOKED!

…More Images HERE in the Flower Basket Picture Gallery

Read the Complete Notes HERE

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