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Sunday, August 28, 2005


Many of you have asked for a notify list to get a heads UP when a new pattern is coming from Chic Knits…

So here it is – and it will also be available in the right-side column of this page permanently…

Pattern Heads UP Notify List


…let me know if you had any problems HERE

knitting patterns

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Friday, August 26, 2005


Yum! I’m eating a peach while I’m writing so I’m going to have to pause a few times while I write this to keep the juice off my keyboard!

It’s those perfect days of summer over here – the Farmer’s Markets are bursting with fruits and vegetables – I saw a virtual field of flowers in Daley Plaza yesterday – bucket after bucket of zinnia’s – just breathtaking. No camera in hand, but it was so beautiful and bountiful it’s right before my eyes…

The loveliness of the weather continues here as well – softer, cooler temperatures – making knitting all the more COMFORTABLE! Who can work on wool (!) when the HEAT is making your skin crawl with little clammy skid marks? Even with air conditioning it creeps up on me and all of a sudden my hands are overheated and approaching meltdown. EEEwwww…

Enter the Cotton Ribby – I’ve been working on this for quite awhile – it’s the Mobile Bus Knitting of choice right now (the other cotton stuff, alas, is sidelined – who knows when it’s going to be done?). I want my Ribby!

It will be very soon that I can wear this as my work jacket – back, one front, and one sleeve are done. I have half a sleeve done and the right front and collar to go. This one is going to have a button band too – I cheerfully found buttons in the stash to go well with the Brown I’m adding to an elongated collar. The buttons are dark olive – almost brown but still in line with the green tone of the body.

Maybe if I finish this, the cooler weather will land for good and the Real Knitting can begin. Can’t you just smell the Sweater Weather???

knitting patterns

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I cannot tell a lie – although I fibbed so hard my nose grew as long
as one of my size #13 Swing Needles, when I said I wasn’t going to get any yarn at SMW…

All the knitting divas I’ve asked have told me, quaility work needs, nay! begs for quality Raw Goods. Who am I to argue…

L. to R.: Natural Grey Polwarth & Silk (for a stole); Dk. Grn & Navy w/Lime Malabrigo (for a felted Bucket Hat); and pretty colored Hemp/Wool Mini’s (for socks!)

So imagine my surprise, when unpacking my goodie bag from SMW (finally this morning), I unleashed the yarn that grabbed me by the throat during the festival. These were things I’d never seen before! These were things I couldn’t get around the corner, on the street or missed on the web…

Especially interesting – the Polwarth & Silk Fingering Weight, (from Rovings, in Canada). I wandered by a booth from our very own “the Fold” and overheard two teenagers talking as they were petting some wool in a pile before them. They were gushing as if it was the Waxy Head of Chad Michael Murray popping up for a quick pat and I listened with great interest (and actual awe!) as they waxed poetic over YARN!

DO TELL? And they did – they told me all about it! Both these young ladies were outfitted in their own creations – one in a beautiful lace shawl, the other a very cool poncho. They were spinners, fiber connoisseurs, and I listened with rapt interest! They said Polwarth, especially with silk, is surely worthy poetry and more. I intend to make a stole out of it. Reading in my copy of In Sheep’s Clothing I found that it is also known for its softness and durability. And WHO could knock the Teen Seal of Approval?


Along with inspiring raw goods, one needs inspiring vibes to make glorious creations. ENTER THE HEARTthrob: it’s so easy to watch TV while I’m knitting away and who better than Action Hero Don Eppes (do you know his real name?) to keep my needles company!

Is it just me or is this a picture (grabbed while I was fooling around with my creaky old digital camera) a little too reminiscent of one D. Duchovny? And where the heck is he anyway?

knitting patterns

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