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Tueday, November 30, 2004

my Cordovan Sanity: a Ribby Cardi

RUN FOR COVER! IT’s the last day of November! I’m duckin’ my bucket covered head to avoid that CHRISTMAS RUSH BULLET!

Everywhere I go, to and from work, through the Miracle Mile of North Michigan Ave. are reminders of the SEASON: shoppers

Starting with the Festival of Lights a couple of weekends ago, where 1.5 MILLION people witnessed Santa coming to Chitown, and continuing with the Day After shopping carnival, I’ve been a hoola-hoop around shoppers and tourists. Watch me work a crowd! Whether I’m on the #66 (which goes straight thru Shopping Central by Water Tower AND the American Girl Store) or working the local Home Depot doing a “How to Buy a Christmas Tree” story, I’m a circulating and percolating through the masses. (BTW, the HDespot had some really FINE and cheap Xmas trees – the smell alone is worth the price of admission.)

I’ve bought nothing, nada, nyet.

I actually went into the local Walgreen’s with a coupon for an $.89 Revlon lipstick in my hot little hand (truly needed a *Wine with Everything* to start my Holiday right!), but was CRUSHED to crumbs when they told me it was a 3-hour coupon and I’d missed by 15 minutes. AH the cruelty of the Season…

Second best cruelty – the company Christmas Party – to go or not to go?! We are having a rather swank soiree in a glamorous hotel. BUT, it is on a Friday night. AND, I’m usually in a parka and BOOTS! (How the heck am I gonna find time to duck into a phone booth and presto changeOH!)

And so it begins!

The Holiday Fantasy Garment!~

What kind of fun would I be having if I didn’t have NEW CLOTHES for Christmas!

Corner #1: Parka, boots and thick wool socks.

Corner #2: Beautiful, glamourous Cocktail Barbie! Wearing (in this dream puff, anyway), sleek fitted trousers, maybe these pumps, and a PONCHO!

Sheer, modern and a little naughty…

Out of this:


OOOOHHH it’s madness, I tell you… $.89 Lipstick paired with $500.00 shoes!!!

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Monday, November 29, 2004

  Monday Morning Mirth  


ONE-Stop Shopping! A lovely selection of framed Wall Art available at the Dollar City Plus, 17xx W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL. Everything you need to freshen the Kidz Room then spark up the Den…

It wouldn’t seem possible that by moving 100 feet to the East of where I stand every morning would open up for me a brand new horizon. Yet when the Chicago Transit Authority changed my Bus Stop to the corner across the street, they perched me in front of a WONDERLAND of Pennies from Heaven.

One Hundred Pennies, that is. One Dollar.

Now, I spend my 10 minutes or so waiting in front of the finest East Village has to offer. Some of these joints actually have the word DOLLAR in the name – like the Dollar General, where the lovely pictures above are found. Others are just named after the Proprietor or have a name that no matter how it’s spelled sounds like *Save-a-Lot*.

Now, these are not the Super Franchise Dollar stores you see all across the highways of MidAmerica. No, my friend, no BIG LOTS, Family Dollar, etc. for us in the East Village of Chicago. These are home-grown palaces of spend, each tinkered to delight the neighbors who might shop there. I love them! (My personal favorite is the D&S Yo-Yo shop over on Milwaukee Ave.)

Here I have found:
Dish Drainers
Scrub Brushes
Plastic Bags
the very best Bleach Gel to clean the Kitchen Counter free of Dye Spillage
Picture Frames for Parties
Party Decorations
Small Wicker Baskets for projects
Fig Bars to die for
X-brand Potato Chips from a famous Chicago Maker
Oh and don’t forget for the Holidays –
that famous Picture of Al Pacino

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Sunday, November 28, 2004

HELLO! Fellow MT-Gurus out there!

I’ve gotten into the RSS Feed-ing frenzy over at Bloglines –

Is there any way to control the output of the xml or rdf files with a style sheet in the same manner as the rest of MT?

I’m missin’ my CSS…


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