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Thursday, August 26, 2004

i’m a collar and a belt away from wONDErful~!
just gotta go sew sew…

In this, the last week of August, the most amazing phenomenon has occurred! I am actually on a Finishing Frenzy! Perhaps mon petit sunburn fried some of those disconnected brain circuits back together and ZOOM! We’re off to the needles again…

That, of course, is not the REAL reason I am in such a hurry to get some projects off the table –

The BLUNT TRUTH is that I am READY FOR MORE, More, more…

While on an online blog romp yesterday, I visited the Tiny Dancer, herself, BECKY, la Fleur de Lyon

She has crafted the most amazing cardigan in a luscious PINK (see August 23rd entry), giving it her stamp of excellence along the way – just impeccable workmanship and finishing…

I have loved this design from afar for several months – ever since I got Rebecca Nr. 27, where you can find the pattern – it’s #25.

Then Silvia made it this spring and I was totally in awe…

Insert Dirty Little Secret here: hmmm, on a slow Sunday in Spring, I started this cardi myself! I reward myself sometimes on my days off by trying new knitting techniques and patterns; on this day I explored 2 x 2 rib for the VERY FIRST TIME! :)

Right – but many partial projects inhabit a rather large wicker basket in the ChicKnits Workshop. Why, I’ve explored: Seed St, socks, scarfs, hats, loops (and wait until you see that one…)

Now, Mme Fluffa has inspired me to pick my #25 back up and finish it as my first Fall garment…

la Fleur de Fluffa!

Calling this beautiful design simply #25 will not do, so in honor of the Skinny Rabbit herself, I’m dubbing mine, but of course: la Fleur de Fluffa!

I’m making this from Rowan All Seasons Cotton, Color #164 which looks like a deep, denimy Navy, #8 needles, 4.5 sts per inch, upsized pattern.

I believe, you can still get this pattern book at the Knitting Garden

knitting patterns

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Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Like many in the USA this Summer 2004, I’ve been tossed and turned by the unnaturally COOOOL weather.

Now that it’s in the HOT HIGH 80s, I’m trying to play CatchUP with all the summer activities I missed earlier in the season.
The weekends have been chockOblock full of hither and yon!
Playtime and sandtime; festivals and shows!

This weekend in Chicago was the BEST so far! The 46th (!) Annual Chicago Air & Water Show took place over Lakefront and I joined the over 2.2 MILLION folks who sat a spell down by the waterside…

The Pageantry! The FlyBys! The Ice Cream! The Radio Wing Men! The Golden Knights! The mighty, the one and only, BLUE ANGELS!!!

I LOVE THE AIR SHOW! It is one of my lifetime ambitions to fly in an F16 (or other jet) and take pictures from the air! I’ve taken enough from the ground, (including several days last week), to have virtual WhipLAsh from the spinning around of my camera and tripod (it’s quite a sudden movement – BOOOINGG! – when you track those babies through a fly by!).

I was so excited by all of this that when I attended the show I never even saw it coming!

The Sunburn!

I am fried, ON ONE SIDE ONLY, like a piece of fine BACON!

I guess I was so used to the Summer being pitifully SUNless, that I forgot all about the water reflection factor and bright overhead orb effect. YUP! I had on a ton of sunscreen but Mr. Sun found me none-the-less and striped me like a freshly-painted BARBER POLE!


HENCE! the scarlet-hued picture above – Missy Red Face in her Lacy Poncho!

Now that I’ve photographed it, I’m saving the
NOMER: Urban Pshawl for another creation, because it looks, well, rather trad And I LOVE IT!

I think it would l@@k very special in, hmmm, KOIGU!!!

click HERE for stitch CU…

NOTE: on a normal person, the length at the wrists would be at least 2 inches longer but I have very long arms…

knitting patterns

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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

help me, I’m a slave of SBC!!!
Mondays are my least favorite day of the week.

It’s just too hard to say good-bye to the 2-day fling that was the weekend. Two days is just long enough for me to start to think, that perhaps, I am a Lady of Leisure…

Mondays always have the slowest start and always drag to an even slower end.

I don’t require a lot of myself on Monday nights because I know I just won’t be able to pull it off. For instance, I used to be in an acapella singing group up at Old Town School of Music, but finally had to quit because, gasp, it didn’t get started until 8PM and I was a wiggly, off-key, over-vibrato’d alto by 8:15!

So it came as no surprise that I didn’t even get around to reading my email until around 7 last night. Or, should I say, attempting to read my email.

My phone line was deader than an Igor/Kilmousky mouse in MA…

No internet. No email. No funsies on the blog…

I HATE SBC! Not only did I have to wait 6 whole weeks when I moved into my place to get service established, but now, while establishing the service of my new neighbor downstairs, they cut off mine!

Living through over an hour and a half on my cell phone to get the measliest, meager, stingy, rude service has put me in a gigantic SNIT! An over-the-top don’t want to wait all day for the Serviceman Snit. A Snit of Proportions so Gigantic if SBC Spokesman TOMMY LEE JONES materialized right now before my very eyes, I’d arm wrestle him into submission until he rolled over like a limp little chihuahua kicking his tiny feet in the AIR! (Also hate those quasi-political, back-patting, self-serving HORRIBLE ADS SBC runs continuously here – HEY! -how about spending some of that advertising $$$ improving your service and training your techs>!)

So the time has come, my dear knitting friends, to lose the landline and get WIRED…

Your favorites?????

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