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Thursday, July 1, 2004

mondorib3aS.jpg   mondorib3bS.jpg
mondorib3cS.jpg   mondorib3dS.jpg

Now that the MondoRib Shell has gone vertical, it’s time for it to GO RADICAL as well.

Using my friendly photo-editing program (in this case, Adobe Photoshop), I’ve taken my original shot and copied it to try out some new moves.

I planned to make a mid-depth V-neck finish on this shell but once I got started drawing and trying different neck shapes, my original plan started to lose its appeal.

Hmmmm. Which neckline does this piece justice?…

late addition – a squared-off neckline


Join Team Photoshop and see what all the fun’s about!

PhotoShop Tutorials

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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

the MondoRib in rehearsals…

Yeah, Yeah, yeah, I was whining like a little girl yesterday about this shell but it actually wasn’t about the yarn at all. I love the yarn! It called to me from across the room when I spied it and I had to have it.

AND, I actually have pattern books from Katia, from the last 4(!) summers, so there is no excuse for me not looking up how they dealt with this type of yarn themselves in designs. OOPs, I did look up the patterns and as always, there is no BEHAVIORAL SECTION in ANY pattern I’ve ever seen about the characteristics of the product.

BACKSTEP: the new book by Rowan using Linen Print carries this disclaimer about that yarn: “Due to the heavy nature of this yarn, it has a tendency to drop in length in wear. It is therefore advisable to measure knitted sections hanging from needles, rather than laid flat.”

Ah, the best LAID plans of mice and men! THAT’s what was missing in yesterday’s photo – flat as a pancake. I’m making a 3-D Ribbed Landscape and I’m making it haunt a 2-D world…

So up she goes on the ever ready and willing L’Atelier ChicKnits Mannequin. Even though this was the Back of my MondoRib Shell, that I’m making for the Tank Along, I pinned it to the Front of Mannie to see how it really is going to work in Free Space.


I am entranced…

I CAN and will make a Front because I’m diggin’ the BACK!


I have been finding my Digital Camera one of the most important tools in my workshop.

The combination of the journaling and the picture taking really launches the process into regions unavailable in real time.

I can even make changes before they have to be made!

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Tuesday, June 29, 2004


L’Atelier ChicKnits presents:
Doube Gauge Final Jeopardy!!!

Contestant #2 hails from Chicago USA and thinks she knows everthing there is to know about knitting! Tell us about yourself Bonnie Marie…

Bonne Marie: “That’s Ms. Bonne Marie, Alex – well, the kids in my neighborhood call me the Worsted Weight Queen! On most evenings, you can find me, tiara in place, wailing away on some mouthwatering wardrobe.

Alex: “Right, let’s get to the game…”

Bonne: “I’ll take Super Chunky for $1000.00.”

Alex: “2.75 sts per inch”

Bonne: “What’s the gauge of a Super Chunky Yarn?” Super Chunky for $4000, please…”

Alex: “Incorrect! Ms. Marie, the correct answer is ‘what’s half the gauge of Worsted Weight?’ Next contestant, please…”

Bonne: “Just a minute, Wizard of Odds – is that why it’s taken me twice as long to knit this damn shell?”

Alex:: “Now, Bonnie, any expert would know, when using Fashion Yarns, the normal rules do not apply!”

Bonne: “Dude, you may be missin’ your moustache, but I’ve got all my brain cells, and I’m telling you: THERE ARE NO RULES!” This stuff is just plain —- welll —- I’d rather be stuck on stage with Bob Barker and his MagicTan than try and design anything out of this AGAIN!!! And it’s B-O-N-N-E!!!!! BONNNNNNNN!”

Alex: “SECURITY!!!! STAT!!!!”


Television Without Pity:


the Price is Right


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