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MUSE: the incredible Wes Anderson March 18, 2014

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All day long 24/7 our brains are ingesting cues — into the mix pours a never-ending stream
of everywhere signals…

Out of all of the competing sensory envoys out there, my favorite is MOVIES.

Here you find the construct where a complete style focus takes place.

But it’s a complicated success. Just watch an OSCAR show to appreciate all the categories it takes to create a time and space that exists independent of the real world but just as reality based: timeframe, location, wardrobe, music, sounds, all themed together to weave a credible material world.

I am a huge Wes Anderson Fan.

Not only do I get completely lost in whatever tale he’s telling, I get completely lost in the details and looks that he crafts in the process.

DAZED Magazine is hosting a Grand Budapest Day at their site with many interviews and articles but this one really grabbed my attention: “Tavi selects the most overlooked Wes Anderson costumes” where she writes:

“The cultish look of each of Wes Anderson’s films creates a self-contained visual world where quirky sartorial touches are the main vocabulary.”

Indeed – his newest film The Grand Budapest Hotel is deliciously candy-colored vintage bliss:


But it is Anderson’s mix of wardrobe details and photo lighting that I find so very special.

They create moments in time like no other; although many have a vintage reference or use character types or costuming that cue a vaguely remembered whole, the end result is something completely out of this world:

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This book “The Wes Anderson Collection” illustrated by the wonderful Max Dalton puts it all into a colorful perspective:

I could wander these worlds for many a day – it is intriguing to experience the back-story behind all of the landscapes Anderson creates.

One of the most intriguing outputs enjoyed this week? A collection of color chips from WA’s archive shots that sample the details of scenes from various films (takes a moment to load):

truly a happy romp in the visual garden – have fun exploring these links and be mused…

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