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late summer dressing, chic style August 8, 2013


Early morning here in the Pacific NW is refreshing, calm, cool…

Even as the temperatures continue in the high 80′s low 90′s dayside, the flipside without the sun reminds me that fall is soon on its way.

For those times when adding just a little makes it oh so more cozy and nice, there’s nothing easier than vest dressing.

The ELISBETH CARDI style was designed with this in mind.

It looks lovely over long, short or no sleeves! as a chic layering piece or light jacket.

  • Elisbeth uses quick-knitting worsted-weight yarn with a 1824 gauge
    and is made in one piece with minimal finishing techinques.

Match your wardrobe in a lovely neutral base or make in a high-contrast tone like red or curry for an early fall pop of color!

Wishing you the best of the late summer breeze
…Bonne Marie

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Monday Morning Mirth July 29, 2013

Monday Morning Mirth


Remember this guy? Skater boi gone all GQ…

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Clown Knitting: Desperate Measures July 25, 2013

Sometimes, the silver lining in the cloud is actually platinum…

While changing skeins in some hand-paint, I realized that there would be a much smoother transition if some mixing of the two could take place.

This, but of course, is a popular technique where you alternately knit a couple of rows using two – different balls of yarn until it looks nice and mingled with no pooling…

Trouble was, I’d used all but a couple of yards of the first yarn AND because I’d continued knitting a section upwards, I couldn’t simply rip back to free up a few rows worth of yarn. Talk about complicated!

Then I remembered: The Swatch.

It just might have enough to do the trick added to the small amount on hand.

So I frogged it – using my ball winder.

Chic Knits Knitting Blog

Then it occurred to me -

The center of the winder could be detached from its base.

So, I took it off the winder and lightly moistened the outside of the new skein.

Then, I stuck the whole thing in a sandwich-sized plastic bag and MICROWAVED it for 20 seconds.

Chic Knits


Chic Knits Knitting Blog

Un-kinked fluffy yarn (cooled down of course.) !!

**…note…pictures taken after microwaving & I realized how cool this was! ;p

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