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Home = Fashion June 18, 2010

It’s kind of silly, but I’m eagerly awaiting more of the cluster thunderstorms that have been passing through Chicago. For some reason, they energize me!

OK. Truth be told, they make it quite justified to be sitting in the AC escaping the +90° predicted temps while watching Tyra reruns.


Knitting some Home Style.

I am in thrall to Log Cabin-ing.

Like many other areas in my life, I’m a late bloomer. I never ate salsa until I was in my twenties. Never had a real manicure until I broke my foot. (Another day, another story!) Or more recently, gave up my ever-lovin’ fascination with dolls (oops – those were Mannequins at the TNNA show . . .)

But I’m catching on fast as to why ze Log Cabin is such an addictive thing!

Once I hit the Sweet Spot with my yarn and needles, it’s been going like gang-busters.


Here’s the third incarnation of my bath mat. It originally started out as an Absorba, a lovely pattern in the book Mason-Dixon Knitting: The Curious Knitters’ Guide. But my yarn choice (Aunt Lydia’s: DENIM 1021 Linen) wasn’t chunky enough and I have gone down several needle sizes to make what is turning out to be a really pleasant “kissin-cousin”. It is not as thick as the original, but it is still cushy and wonderful — about a third thicker than a rag rug. I can’t wait to feel it under my feet aprés shower!

Absorba (Jr.)

Using #11 needles, CO 21 sts of tripled Aunt Lydia’s Denim coned cotton.

Work 12 garter ridges.

Following the directions on pg 68 of MD-Knitting, pick up stitches as given and work 6 garter ridges.

Lather, rinse, repeat to fabulousness!

My bathmat measures 10″ x 10.5″ so far (not quite done with one log) and will be a rectangle when it’s done.

For scale, and to just throw a TGIF into the ring, here’s a photo that shows how pretty the little thing is ;p


Happy Weekend!

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