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sometimes I get a good feeling June 13, 2013

This is a funny time of year for designing – lots of things are happening that are related to the whole process of me-to-you via trade shows and shipping and display but not a lot of real stitching going on!

THAT is going to change rather quickly!

All of my extra-curricular non-knitting tasks are DONE and I get can going on some new designs.

And there’s nothing like some scrumptious dramatic yarn to whet one’s appetite for some sassy stylings:

Chic Knits Knitting Blog

Here you see a trio of Artisan Sock skeins from Hazel Knits that’s destined to become some lovely accessories.

I’ve gotten the bulk of one pattern completed, with a pile of swatches made.

(yes) PILE!

One is never enough here at Studio Chic.

I’ll get one done and let it marinate for awhile then inevitably, I’ll see where I can slightly tweak and improve and then it’s off to another cast on and another swatch gets made.

And, I must be one of the crazy knitters in the world because I love swatching! It’s just part of the process that builds confidence that what you envision is what is actually going to appear as a result.

Do not fear it; do not hate it. If your knitting is not coming out right, your swatch is your road map to get you back on track.

The most common derailments I get email on are gauge issues like this:
– gauge changes from stockinette to other patterning
– gauge changes from a large section into a smaller section
– gauge changes from a section knit in rows into a section knit-in-the-round

IF you’ve made a good size swatch, when you see the Hinky land on your needles (and it just might) it is a short step to go up or down a needle size and get right back on track.

The most you’ve lost is one or a few rows/rnds.

Ripping and adjusting is really just part of the creative process. Sometimes the emails I get are so frustrated and angry that that might have to happen but I offer: resistance is futile.

It’s kind of like ripping off a bandage – do it quickly and cleanly and move forward.

Here at the beginning of a project, swatching is kind of like sketching or story-boarding the production and the entire outcome stands on its foundation. I respect.

(And it’s time to get my hands on that orange yarn.)

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