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Bountiful Fridays v.3 March 14, 2014

And today, is the perfect day, for a little pay-it-forward…

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Adding a little spice to the sugar, today we invite you on a little trip…

Earlier this year, the lovely Michele Bernstein helped us on our photoshoot of TAURIEL in the forestry magic of Laurelhurst Park and this week wrote about it on her blog.

I had a great time working with Michele – she helped me with a huge reflector and did what I call “dotting the i’s & crossing the t’s”: making sure there were no weird clothing glitches or shadows or other stuff that the photographer has a hard time keeping track of in the middle of the fast paced work!

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It was a challenging shoot – the light was soft and atmospheric – very overcast, meaning Nature’s Softbox was helping us get a really pretty diffused look.

But it was also very moist out – actually started raining and that was a “hidden” drawback. In my last two photo shoots, dealing with intermittent rain and heavy humidity has been very challenging. When you shoot outside, there’s usually nowhere to hide and you just have to keep going.

Something new I found that happens is the model blinks much more than when it’s dry out! So next time, I need to take a few more shots to fool Mr. Rain!

Read Michele’s post here at PDXKnitterati where we’re giving away a copy of the pattern. Comment and join the fun!

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Friday fun… February 28, 2014

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   Chic Knits ALBY strolling in Laurelhurst Park, Portland, Oregon

Happy Friday!


…from our last visit to Bountiful Fridays on Chic Knits, February 21, 2014 :
the winner of The Knitter’s Book of Wool from last week:

Leah who writes (and I totally agree): “Give me a smooth, squishy merino yarn and I’m happy.”

Hear hear Leah! :)

Enjoy all the wonderful comments about us & wool from v.2 of Bountiful Fridays – we love it!


Don’t miss us around the web – join in the fun here:

Bountiful Fridays continue on random Fridays – watch for the announcement in the Chic Knits newsletter…

Hope your weekend is full of knitting and delight -
Bonne Marie

Maybe this is why they call it a Shawl Collar Februrary 26, 2014

Even thought it’s been slowly getting more spring-like all the time, a chilly wind still finds all the gaps. I’ve been chasing those little icy whispers by wearing a cowl, a scarf, or even a cap, indoors.

So it’s with a little satisfied thrill that I’ve finally finished my 4th ALBY shawl and I’m going to put it to good use.

First up: wearing it over the neckline of a jacket or coat, like this earlier version.

Chic Knits, Alby Shawl, chicknits blog, knitting blog, knit blog

This is the way I wear these crescent-shaped lovelies the most often – simply wrapped around the neck, with lace points resting on the outer sides of center.

Here’s my newest version, which uses Bare Naked Wool BREAKFAST BLEND fingering in Oatmeal and Araucania RANCO in Dark Navy:

Chic Knits, Alby Shawl, chicknits blog, knitting blog, knit blog

The middle part of the shawl acts as a cowl of sorts but the added layering of the ends adds just a little more warmth and cozy fit but showcases their lace detailng.

Second: and this is getting to be a favorite.

If you’re a fan of Regency period films or series, chances are you’ve seen something like this.

Chic Knits, Alby Shawl, lace shawl, chicknits, knitting blog, knit blog

Many of the dresses of that time period were more like jackets, worn over a linen chemise that puffed up over the low neckline of the outer layer. Often times there was another added finish: a scarf worn tucked into the bodice of the outer dress, or worn as a collar.

Chic Knits, Alby Shawl, lace shawl, chicknits, knitting blog, knit blog

I love this simple look over a blouse or a sweater, where you can see the fine details of the stitch work and still get the warm comfort of the design. I love the modern stripe work around the neckline like this – yes, a shawl collar! But even better, trimmed with lace…

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