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Throwback Thursday

…circa 2008 Wicker Park / Damen Ave photoshoot outtakes (still love the boyband that kept popping up)…

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Blue & Green

These days when it’s still so chilly I’m still wearing a hat inside means I’m also tripping on the internet to fend off ze Cabin Fever.

Right now there’s lots to look at – Fashion Week in Milan for Fall 2015 just wrapped up and I’ve sampled the shows – been busy making some lookbooks for later on Pinterest but mainly just enjoying and absorbing all the intense creativity from the runways.

I read this comment about the Armani show in the New York Times – “Truism: Sweaters are even more comfortable when they’re blue or green.”


Right now, my Stockinette fixation has progressed to a Basic Chic Hoodie in…lovely Turquoise…or as it says on the label: DUCK EGG which has always been one of my favorites. Just maybe, they’re right! I certainly am mesmerized and calm while I’ve been knitting this.

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And as we all know, here at Studio Chic Knits, at some point every sweater gets a turn on the fit mannie. :)

hood or no-hood we want September 12, 2013

we’re in a little hoodie mood…

Chic Knits Basic Chic Hoodie

uCan be too! enter code “stripes” in the cart to get 20% off until midnight PST Sunday

not in a hood mood? make a mod:
First, make your initial front bands just along the front edges.

Then, pick up sts along the neckline, from the RS for a band, or the WS for a collar, 1 st for each neckline st and adjust to make a multiple of 4.

Row 1 (& all WS Rows): P3; K2, P2 to last st, P1.
Row 2 (RS): K3; P2, K2 across to last st, K1.

Work to desired length and BO all sts as they appear. (Remember to work a buttonhole in your neckband for a crew neck version).

knitting patterns

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