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I heart PU&K November 5, 2013

today in the Chic Knits AlbyKAL group on Ravelry

Would ya rather: cast-on a large number of sts or pick them up later?

- I always go for the pick-up because it’s really just like knitting a row that’s already there – except there is no left-hand needle…

QUE? That means you are poking the tip of your needle into already made sts instead of loops. Once you learn how to “see” those sts, it goes really fast. The pick-up ratio given will give you a very, very close number.

Pick Up & Knit…
Here’s a couple of things I like to do:

- Do this in the morning in good light.

- Use your left index finger to run under the edge, opening it slightly to see the “sts” or holes you will pick up through.

- Poke the tip of needle into the edge to open it up every few sts to keep it flowing like this – here’s a little video…

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