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I love Wool

today in Portland airing out the freshly wound garage sale yarn


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Friday Postcards

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Into the Wild: one of my favorite things is to see all the wonderful gear knitting folks wear to go play in the chill.

On the left: from a trip to Cordova, Alaska, this summer – on the Copper River by Child’s Glacier. Abigail and her adorable daughter Lillian joined all the activities throughout the week at the Fiber & Friends Retreat and delighted everybody with their smiles! This time, we were all hiking in our knitwear – it’s a little chilly out there on the glacier but we’re cozy!

(Before the retreat, we had a KAL for the He Said She Said Cap – you can see my KAL Cap here…)

On the right: from the Yarniacs Podcast group on Ravlery, here’s Celeste’s hubby while they were out hiking in the aspens in Flagstaff, AZ.

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Travels [with Knitting] #1

One of my favorite things about this time of year, is its natural path of reflection.

As winter deepens and it gets harder to move outward, it irresistibly becomes easier to move inward.

I love this time of musing and remembrance.

It’s a lovely setting of the stage for what’s to come while being a fond travel through the experiences just gone by.

Gathering these January thoughts, means I’ve been day-dreaming a lot about my near-past travels.

Branching out to more far-flung locations to teach and intersect with fiber folk has been a real desire of mine since I moved to Portland, and one of my dreams came true this June on a great Pacific Northwest adventure.

The record of this trek popped up here and there online while I was on the road but never made it into these journal pages.

But here is the January all ready to embrace the June…

The main event? Something called Fiber and Friends, put together and hosted by the lovely Dotty Widmann and her Net Loft tribe in Cordova Alaska.

Chic Knits Knitting Blog Bonne Marie Burns

Here, in a place only accessible by plane or ferry, was a gathering of teachers and crafters and the most incredible landscapes.

Cordova is home to the Net Loft, which is an incredible knitting and craft store, nestled under an even more incredible “hill”.

Chic Knits Knitting Blog Bonne Marie Burns

I cannot begin to describe the color Green as crafted by the Cordova sky and sea but suffice to say I was speechless (and grinning) a lot of the time I was there just by virtue of what I saw walking around.

Myself and a cast of teachers spent our days work-shopping in town – here’s the lovely students from my Pick-Up-and-What? class – and I salute their excitement and game!

Chic Knits Knitting Blog Bonne Marie Burns

We also had mini-classes for kids – in mine, we made friendship bracelets.

Chic Knits Knitting Blog Bonne Marie Burns

Chic Knits Knitting Blog Bonne Marie Burns


Midweek, we took a trip out the Copper River to the glacier area and once again, I was speechless.

In fact, my heart almost burst from my frame (click the picture to explode with me)…

Chic Knits Knit Blog Bonne Marie Burns




Chic Knits Knit Blog Bonne Marie Burns

Mary Jane Mucklestone and I are thrilled to be out on the Copper River!

Later that week the Fiber and Friends Retreat ended up with a big party out by Eyak Lake

Chic Knits Knit Blog Bonne Marie Burns

where we were feasted with the best grilled salmon I’ve ever had and serenaded by Belle Mickelson and bluegrass friends in what was one of the most magical afternoons of all…

Chic Knits Knit Blog Bonne Marie Burns

All in all, from the wonderfully welcoming knitting community of Cordova, to the feisty and most excellent curious students in my classes, to the magnificent landscapes and vistas, I fell head-over-heels with Alaska and can’t wait to visit again!

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