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Runway Style – May 15, 2015

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The Flowers! The Sun! Nature’s delightfulness is back…
I love this time of year – especially those sweet little
Spring cardigans that go with it!

Maybe a little lace? Perhaps a shorter sleeve to make a lighter feminine fancy? Little sweaters ready to pair with a lovely for an easy, charming look.

I’ve put together the Chic Knits Collection of Spring sweaters as a bundle on Ravelry that you can see HERE.

And now, you can make your own collection!

Put together 4 of your favorites in the cart and at check-out you receive an automatic 20% discount! No coupon needed –
no expiration!

I love this feature – many of you have asked for this ability and now we have it!

Even better? This new bundling feature works on the entire portfolio!
click here to see all of the patterns in the Chic Knits Ravelry store…

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Throwback Thursday

…circa 2008 Wicker Park / Damen Ave photoshoot outtakes (still love the boyband that kept popping up)…

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Blue & Green

These days when it’s still so chilly I’m still wearing a hat inside means I’m also tripping on the internet to fend off ze Cabin Fever.

Right now there’s lots to look at – Fashion Week in Milan for Fall 2015 just wrapped up and I’ve sampled the shows – been busy making some lookbooks for later on Pinterest but mainly just enjoying and absorbing all the intense creativity from the runways.

I read this comment about the Armani show in the New York Times – “Truism: Sweaters are even more comfortable when they’re blue or green.”


Right now, my Stockinette fixation has progressed to a Basic Chic Hoodie in…lovely Turquoise…or as it says on the label: DUCK EGG which has always been one of my favorites. Just maybe, they’re right! I certainly am mesmerized and calm while I’ve been knitting this.

Chic Knits Knit Blog

And as we all know, here at Studio Chic Knits, at some point every sweater gets a turn on the fit mannie. :)

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