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Thursday, December 21 2006


Ye olde Christmas Spirit has been in rather short supply here at Chez Chic until around 11:30 pm Sunday. But of course, all the tree lots in town were closed by this wee hour, so somebody just had to make do…

Rivaling the minimalistic decorating I did last year, my little singing Scoopy-Doo now rules the Coffee Machine and gladly hosts the current WIP, my Ribby Shell in Lorna’s Shepards Worsted and the Bling Fest that is the Katia JOYA Shell.

Will the JOYA make a joy-ful sound in the hut for the Holiday? This, if I am lucky (and baby, I’m feeling L.U.C.K.Y.) might just happen, because I just finished all the body increases and I have 2.5 balls of ribbonn left!!!!!!! This means straps! Some back action before a scoop so my freckles aren’t amusing the masses!

Enough yarn to finish a project? THAT’s just a nice peaceful feeling.

Mr. Roker sez
the Absolut Bottle Cozy
is a nice touch…

5 responses to “Thursday, December 21 2006”

  1. Tracey says:

    I really can’t wait to see this sexy holiday top when it’s done, your keeping me on the edge of my seat here!

  2. amisha says:

    looks pretty festive to me! both of the shells are lovely so far…

  3. rb says:

    The gift of Enough Yarn. A holiday miracle indeed!

    Happy Happy Joy Joy!

  4. yarnsnob says:

    I recently came across an Absolute Vodka cozy still in the wrapper, given the choice, would you frame it or run to the nearest liquor store to buy a bottle of vodka to model it on? I need some advice.

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