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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


self-portrait Tuesday

This photo was shot in my bathroom mirrors. The color cast from the bank of lights above the mirrors gave a late late twilight look to it, which I decided not to correct, but painted it a bit in PS. Sometimes things become something else than originally intended.

I was trying to take a picture of a new necklace I got Sunday at the DIY Trunk Show, from Natalia’s wonderful collection. I didn’t really know what the story was behind it – but the shape was initial-like (B) – and it’s curvaceous beauty spoke to me.

This is actually an Ek Ong Kar (symbolizing one creator and is a central tenet of Sikhism.)

In my daily grind as a photographer, I am almost always in plain, utility type clothing. This time of year, the Parka becomes the Chief Commander of my wardrobe. And, if you’ve ever seen folks dressed for outdoor work, stylishness is not at a premium, but function is. It has always been comforting to me to wear garments and objects underneath all of it that either flaunt the function or are just beautiful in themselves. If I’m feeling especially crushed by the weather, a favorite La Perla turquoise lace set makes its *appearance* and even though no one else knows why I might be smiling, happiness will be washing me down.

This little pendant joins the collection of things that are underneath. It is personal (initial), beautiful (craftsmanship), and spirtual. Quite a triple play.


And it reminded me of another favorite emblem – worn at all times by possibly the most incredible Tudor of all.

And, in the unpredictable way that culture chooses its icons, the necklace of one of the most historically infamous has become the neck piece of one of our current favorites, none other than Ugly Betty!

17 responses to “Tuesday, November 21, 2006”

  1. MaryM says:

    That’s a beautiful photo of beautiful subjects! But I am dying over the Anne/Betty pendant connection. That is insane. Utterly and wholly insane — I’m in love.

  2. margene says:

    Oh yes it is beauty at all levels. How wonderful to have the secret of your wardrobe beneath the functionality of your outerwear.

  3. Theresa says:

    Sometimes it’s the things that only we know about that make a day special.

  4. claudia says:

    Love your pendant picture. I’m thinking warm thoughts for you out there in the cold.

  5. Jennifer says:

    That is a lovely pendant. I hit the link, and she makes nice things.

  6. amisha says:

    what a lovely pendant… beautiful, simple, and meaningful… perfect. i love the story of the lace underneath the parka too! those little details can really change a mood.

  7. Melissa G says:

    Ha! Lovely pendant–I too am drawn to the not-quite-abstract. Having just read The Other Boleyn Girl, I caught your reference (without peeking first).

  8. Leslie says:

    I remember reading about the making of Gone With the Wind, and the budget had gone way over the initial expected amounts, they traced the budget overruns to the laces and fabrics used to make the slips and undergarments for the gowns that the ladies wore during the making of the movie. They asked George Cukor ( David O

  9. Karen says:

    It’s a very sleek and pretty pendant. Stay warm out there Bonne Marie! :)

  10. Cinnamon says:

    Awesome! I love that necklace and I’m so glad you picked it up. Thanks for saying Hi to me. It was such a crazy busy day that I felt like I was schizophrenic by the end of it and was exhausted clear through.

    Natalia’s work is so awesome, I’m actually commissioning her to make me a custom wedding ring. With a knot on it of course. Gotta “tie” in the crafy side of me in everything.

  11. Tracey says:

    and what a pretty little triple play it is.

  12. Dana says:

    i love your pendant. i was drawn to it too while browsing Natalia’s table.

    thanks for picking me up and hanging out at the fair! it was great to see you. and i really appreciate your compliments on my sweater. i feel a designing beast awakening! :)

  13. Leslie says:

    As you know, I’m a huge AB fan–and I’m still dying for a Greensleeves Anne Boleyn spindle.

    (I don’t think she cheated on ol’ Harry, she was too darn smart.)

  14. scout says:

    It’s a beautiful pendant.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  15. Leah says:

    What a great photo! And I love the pendant. Reminds me of the B pendant Anne Boleyn was known for wearing prior to and ever after becoming Queen of England.

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!!

  16. laughingrat says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! That is a really interesting photo.

    I hear you about wearing interesting or lovely things, even when they’re hidden from others. In my case I like to show them off, but they’re almost always an anomaly in my look…I frankly walk around looking like an art student/hobo half the time, but then there’ll be a delicate shawl over it all or a seriously intense string of amber beads peeking through a knitted scarf. I love elegant things and pretty things, but I make people take a second look to see that. ;)

    In a way your wearing fancy stuff under your parka, or just where people don’t see it, reminds me of my roommate’s putting “secrets” in her artwork, or time capsules in the zoo exhibits she’s built. The stuff is there for anyone to see–if they know how to see. Or, for instance, it reminds me of how the wild is present in our city (Columbus) but most people don’t pay any attention to it. Maybe as a photographer you are used to turning that attentive eye on the world, and you see things other folks don’t?

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