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A Lacy Sleeve at Last August 23, 2011

What do you do when all of your WIPs are sweaters and you’re stuck on sleeve island?

You cast on some socks for the Great Escape! [Snort.]

But – here’s an existentialist knitting moment – why is it we ususally can’t stand knitting sleeves but many, many of us love knitting socks?

Srsly, because a Sock Is A Tube, y’all. Just like a sleeve, right?

Talking out loud here — but I am this far away from finding the yarn and going for it!

Instead, I cast on for the first sleeve of my yellow (and how) Derica Kane. Fueled by some vintage TV shows on Netflix, I am speeding right along.

It really is helping that we’re having cooler nights and visions of sweater weather are swirling in my dreams.

This color is quintisentially Autumnal in nature, no? The yarn is MTosh DK in “Candlewick” a color I’ve been drooling over for months. Actually calling this a color is not even “deep” enough of a word because the yarn has so many different glazed tonal variations. (Check out the pic in this post…)

Hopefully, when I go up north to Tustin in a few, I can wear this while I’m in search of some matching forest. It will be there.

Just like this glorious grove down by the Chicago River…

One response to “A Lacy Sleeve at Last August 23, 2011”

  1. Lisa says:

    Love knitting socks – hate knitting sleeves. Why? Because of the @#$#W decreases, that’s why!

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