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Thursday, April 8, 2004

Love me…

Love my swatch!

Oh, the Challenge uh, BEAUTY that is Audrey!

[Oh, I’m so vain, I bet you thought this blog was about me!]

But no! It’s about MY KNITTING!

And the Topic du Jour is Audrey from T’s KA over HERE

Love me or, better yet, pity me, because of my incessant need to MAKE GAUGE!

Even though the concept of this sweater [2×2 Rib – and haven’t I had a lot of experience with that technique – Les Ribby Famile just grows and grows over the years here at ChicKnits – I can rib in my sleep!] is not new to me, the yarn’s content is.

Here’s another cotton/arylic blend that doesn’t agree with the favorite needle choice I usually go for with straight cottons or cotton/wool: BAMBOO!

NO, and would that I had the common sense to go directly to the type of needle that I’m using for Onde, but alas, I didn’t own it. So, yesterday, off I go to the Knitting Workshop and scoop up some more Inox Teflons. I love these needles!

They did the trick: Spot On Gauge in a hurry! Le plastique fantastique!

2 responses to “Thursday, April 8, 2004”

  1. Cruz says:

    I love the color you choose! And I am thrilled to be knitting Audrey along with you. May I ask you a needle question?

    Would you recommend using circular needles for Audrey and if so, what length?

  2. Kat says:

    I agree, that’s a gorgeous color… ugh, am I going to be pulled into this one too?

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