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Monday, October 2, 2006

  Monday Morning Mirth  


10 Responses to “Monday, October 2, 2006”

  1. LauraK says:

    Love the cuffs–what sweater are you wearing?

  2. bonne marie says:

    That is a sweater from Rebecca – Winter 2002 -

  3. Roxanne says:

    Awesome! Love your sweater too…wonderful cuffs!

  4. Constance W. Staples says:

    Dear Chicknits – i just placed my first order for three of your wonderful patterns. Simple, easy and instantaneous! You are a wonder in the “mail order” world. What we all dream of, immediately having the patterns we’re dreaming about in our hands NOW!
    Thanks – i’ll be looking forward to placing an order again.
    Connie Staples,

  5. kmkat says:

    Absoulutely great cuffs!

  6. kmkat says:

    Absoulutely great cuffs!

  7. MaryM says:

    How cool is that?!?!! What a great way to start a Monday. Ellie was be-bopping to the music.

  8. Delica says:

    Thank you for all those great knitting video links on You Tube. Hysterical! I especially like the knitting-hostess-extraordinaire who showed us how to block :)

  9. Amy Lu says:

    Okay, weird comment, but you have the hands of a twenty year old! Seriously, do you wear gloves in the summer? :o) (I notice little things like that….)

  10. Tracey says:

    She has made the jump to TV…hmmm, I always thought the book would come first. ;)

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