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Tuesday, June 15, 2004


I am a creature ruled by the sun. Now that the temperatures have consistently been in the 80’s, Agnes has been benched, and my Onde Cardi is just too hot to handle. (WOOT on that arcylic content – love it hate it…)

I am as fickle as a buzzing bee flying from luscious flower to flower…

Ahem. Not quite – the five day forcast says we’re back in the 70’s by tomorrow, so I can OndeAlong once more without the pesky AC blasting my sinuses to oblivion – I avoid AC until the last possible heat stroked moment.

I LOVE THE HUMIDITY! It is possibly the only time of the year when my head is at maximum operation and all cavity systems are go. I got a nose FULL of Chanel #22 at work the other day, unexpectedly, because I can usually smell at about fifty percent, and it was GLORIOUS!

I myself am a Coco woman and now that Stormtracker says (whoever made up Titles for weather computers that make them sound like PEOPLE will be locked in a miniscule room and forced to listen to the new George Michael CD ’til they drop!) we’re in for a big sky roast, I’m in for a new bottle of cologne and am looking forward to spraying myself into a paradise of scent…

Which happens to be the name of the yarn I’m using for the start of the shell you see above.

SPRAY that is…

It is very soft cotton tape by Katia. I did not trust it at first – thought I was going to end up with a pot-holder-like-something-to-wear – then just decided to go for it. This was initially slated for a rather intruiging openwork design. I vetoed it in favor of this current design because of the need to wear something underneath the other shell because it was just TOO OPEN – which would make it summer unfriendly. (I’ll save that pattern for some other tasty LIME GREEN sheer tape I have by LANG:     Roma – hmm, they say it’s ROMANTIC!).

The wardrobe concept is a large one, all over blogland. I just read Theresa’s thoughts (June 14th) about how if it can’t travel to the office it won’t travel on her needles…

I agree! If it can’t hit your personal catwalk, be it an office hallway or in my case, the sidewalk, why make it? Why have a closet full of extraordinary knitted garments that see the light of day about once a year…

Although I’ve been a prolific knitter, I haven’t always been a practical knitter or even very sensible knitter. You can go through my galleries and see some really funkified errorific disasters! Where on earth was I planning to wear all this crap?!

So I’ve started a simple V-neck shell with a trapeze shape that will be comfortable to wear and show off this yarn’s goodness to boot. I’ve alternated wide columns of purl stitches and knit stitches. I think of purl stitches as the Negative Space of Knitting – it’s usually on the Wrong Side and most often a counterpoint to thrust forward a knitted pattern like a cable or lace column.

Here it is the focus and becomes the pattern itself…

5 responses to “Tuesday, June 15, 2004”

  1. maryse says:

    i like your ogre sized ribbing…

  2. maggi says:

    My tiny tank for the Wee C is in k4 p2 rib, and stretches enough that the “negative space” still gets some attention. I’m glad I made it p2 and not p1 for that reason. It’s been a fun knit, watching the purls recede as they get away from the needle ~ and fun to play designer!

  3. Linda M says:

    I’m making a ribbed cotton tank right now with a ribbing of six purls to 13 knits, with eight knits at the sides. I’ll gradually decrease the first 8 knits and first six purls to make the armholes which will be bordered by the next knit rib. It will have shoulder seams that are the 13 knit stitches of the rib, then a wide boat neck. A lot of it is based on your boat-necked tank, but with modifications. Your patterns are great and I’ve learned a lot using them!

  4. Theresa says:

    I wondered when that nifty stuff was going to make it out of your stash. The big rib is a perfect way to work with the color of the yarn and get a little texture in your life at the same time! Heh. And it definitely doesn’t look like a potholder!

  5. fillyjonk says:

    Funny how different people are. As soon as the humidity cranks up here, all my body systems want to shut down – the worst is, my bronchi decide to clamp down, viselike, and make me fight for every breath.

    I’m actually happy to hear there’s someone who functions well in humidity. (I’ve actually contemplated, long in the future when I retire, a move to the High Desert of Arizona or Nevada. Except then I’d be even FARTHER from yarn shops than I am now, I suppose).

    Love the color on the Spray cotton tape.

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