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Monday, August 21, 2006

  Monday Morning Mirth  


photo of Manos del Uruguay courtesy Theresa

Yarn – the stuff [filll in the blank] are made of…

15 Responses to “Monday, August 21, 2006”

  1. Dana says:


  2. Becky says:

    powdered wigs are made of.

    Kirsten Dunst in her Marie Antoinette garb does not even compare to this photo. Uh-uh.

  3. Delica says:

    This is the look baybee!

  4. Karen says:

    Hmm, love the new do! :)

  5. Wanda says:

    What the Malabrigo is going on there? Oh, I finished my Ribby Shell this weekend. Pics are up on my blog! Glad your comments are fixed. I was at work, so couldn’t send you an email about it.

  6. LaurieM says:

    Yarn – the stuff brain-sucking octopi are made of…

  7. Judy says:

    A swift … A swift…
    My kingdom for a swift …

  8. Tracey says:

    I have a great anti-frizz hair serum that would fix that right up!

  9. Gina says:

    Bonne Marie Antoinette! You get to keep your lovely head.

  10. AmyP says:

    Really bad wigs?

  11. Joan says:

    I hate to say it… but that picture really reminds me of Mrs. Keebler Elf.

    So maybe, “Yarn – the stuff cookie fairies are made of.”?

  12. Wendy says:

    My thrift-shopping friend once bought one of these for me for a dollar! It was in the toy basket at the local Goodwill labled as an octopus. It was the very end of the giant sweater thing and I made a VK pattern with leaves and vines. Unfortunately, although I’m one-project-at-a-time compulsive knitter, by the time I was ready to sew it up it was out of style. I know I need to frog it, but need to be inspired by another pattern to do so. Any ideas? My octopus is purple/blue.

  13. Megan says:

    Yarn: The stuff all your holiday gifts are made of.

  14. Dina says:

    hmmnnn…is this perchance Marie Antoinette — visiting Hilltop Yarn on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle? :)

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