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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I would not be doing my knitterly duty if I did not Flash the Stash that rode home on the Blue Line with me…


Leading the short but cherce cavalcade of swag, but of course, the King(Queen?) of Yarns: Socks That Rock in the Cracked Canyon colourway! Unbelievably yummy – orange, teal, etc. boffo.


A little addition to the pattern works – a wonderfully modern design from the Two Old Bags called the Pinwheel Shawl!


Also discovered, a company who actively listens to Knitters(!) – the Wisconsin leather crafters Homestead Heirlooms – here you see my Darling Tiny Handles Waiting for Just the Right Little Purse Pattern (suggestions? help!) to send it down the P.M. Runway on my next night out…

That’s IT! There’s also a *little bit more* that will soon be revealed in a fall into fashion way but until then… :)

17 responses to “Wednesday, August 16, 2006”

  1. Allyson says:

    I don’t have a particular purse pattern in mind, but I see those handles and think — beaded!

  2. Teresa says:

    Ooooo-the Socks that Rock colorway is delicious!! Perfect with some boots to go hiking in the Michigan fall! ;-) About those handles….hmmm…I don’t have any specific suggestions, but I do see something in greens, or reds, and a simple stitch pattern maybe, just to show those beauties off. I am confident whatever you do you will be one cool cat strutting the P.M. Runway!!

  3. Darci says:

    I love those handles…I have avoided purses because of the lack of modern handles…love those.

  4. Gail says:

    I bought Cracked Canyon too – I love it. Thanks for posting a picture – I haven’t gotten around to it yet, and my friends thought I was insane when I tried to explain its awesomeness.

  5. Wanda says:

    Lovely, of course you had to get some STR. What a gorgeous colorway, *swoon*,I love it. That shawl pattern is darling. Lace, lace, how it calls to me. No ideas for the purse handles, perhaps French Market bag (the entrelac bag pattern?).

  6. Roxanne says:

    Pretty yarn…lovely colours!

  7. Macoco says:

    Love the handles! What a great find.

  8. Beth S. says:

    Holy cow, that Cracked Canyon is fantabulous! It pains me sometimes that there are so many amazing colorways that aren’t on their website. (Though that’s better for my wallet, I guess!)

  9. margene says:

    Cracked Canyon!! Fabulous and so are the purse handles. Can’t wait to see what you find to show them off. Would a Noni bag work?

  10. Tracey says:

    Mucho jealous, sigh, I have just recently married, moved, and started a new job. I haven’t had the time to knit, let alone beef up my stash. My newly acquired husband was shocked by how many boxes said “Yarn Stash” on them when we were unpacking. I love, love, love that colorway. Now don’t get me wrong, I love socks, but I’m thinking some really cool gloves would come out of that.

  11. liz says:


    BTW, I thought of you whilst eating my Pork Chop On A Stick at the fair.

  12. Karen says:

    Is that your first STR? I couldn’t resist the first time I came across it either.

    Awesome handles! I can’t help you with a pattern suggestion though. I haven’t made a purse yet. I can’t wait to see what you pick.

  13. Chris says:

    Those handles are tres cool! And that’s some lovely STR… but now I’m dying to know how much is a little bit more…

  14. Amy says:

    I loved the Homestead Heirlooms booth – I will definitely be ordering handles from them!

  15. Angela says:

    Such tremendous restraint! Good picks, though.

  16. Terry says:

    Impeccable taste there my BM. Just a lovely color. You don’t mind if I copy you and get me a skein too – I’m hoping if I do it will stop my heart from beating so fast…I’ve got to say, a skein of beautiful yarn is a fantastic bus companion.

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